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Nashville, Tennessee The Midnight Rodders have hosted this event as a “Fun Run” no fees “JUST FUN” for the past nineteen years. In this day of everything revolving around money its been a real refreshing change to find a ...

Panama City Beach, Florida November might be the month most cruisers and hot rodders are thinking of parking their favorite car or truck for the winter months if they havent already done so. But down south along the panhandle o...

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Tech & How-To Articles
Jeff Lilly Restorations LLC
11125 F.M. 1560 N
San Antonio TX 78023...

A familiar foe. 1954 Ford F100 front fender. The mega dents make it a perfect example to demonstrate all of our favorite techniques....

Corvette Corner Articles
Richard Fleming from Zephyr Hills displayed his pearl blue Grand Sport #2 Coupe. This vehicle comes as a kit in configurations from basic at a cost of $17,800 to the deluxe f...

Ronie and Sue Rossi from Mt. Dora own this Dark Red Metallic `87 Corvette Sport Coupe with the Callaway Twin Turbo option package....

Highways & Biways
On my resent rode trip from Florida to Las Vegas with my wife we stopped in at Don Laughlins Riverside Resort Hotel and Casino in Laughlin, Nevada. The Riverside Resort is loc...

As I gaze out my windshield while traveling the highways and byways of America my mind falls into a trance from the tuned hum of the exhaust. I cant help to wonder if this old...

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Asphalt Candy
Bowling Green, Kentucky Ever been to a show and a car just catches your attention, or eye?...

Atlanta, Georgia HISTORY
An original Hugger Orange Z-28, converted in 1974 by Motion Performance to a Phase III Camaro “ZLX” drag car. This conversion at the time cost approximately $12,000.00, making it one of the “...

A Masterpiece deserves A Clean Canvas and...

Some guys wait years before they get the chance to build the ride of their dreams and others never get around to it at all. This is not the case for Ronnie Lawrence of Blue Ri...

This article could probably also be titled “Killer Thompson, The Man, The Myth, The Legend” because there are so many stories around about him and his hot rodding....

Steve Schulte who is a physical therapist in Mena, Arkansas started collecting automotive memorabilia about 8 years ago. His collection focuses on fuel and oil with pieces run...

Young Readers Rides
By Larry Crain
At the age of 13 Linda Steves of Harrison, AR set a bench mark some of the boys her age or older might not achieve and she built a street rod that looks like i...

If this young readers name sounds familiar it might be because her brother JDs Chevy 4x4 was the very first young Readers Ride vehicle to be featured in Cruisin’ Style Magazin...

General Interest Articles
Supporting Car and Motorcycle Organizations. Last night we held our quarterly SWFMC meeting at the Fort Myers Harley-Davidson dealership. We want to thank Scott Fischer, Jessica Fischer, Ron Hall and...

One car owner at the 2010 Syracuse Nationals will be the recipient of the 1st Annual Winfield Award. The prestigious award for automotive excellence will be presented by master car customizer and buil...


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For 30 years, P.J.s Auto world Inc. has provided special interest vehicles to very special people al...
Disk Brake, Steering and Suspension Products for classic Chevy and Ford cars and trucks....
Speedway Motors has the high-quality parts you need for your street rod, classic, muscle car or vint...
Invaluable reference materials and hundreds of new parts and accessories for classic GM or Ford...
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