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About Us
About Us

Cruisin' Style Magazine and cruisinstyle.com online

Founded in 1995, CSM has now entered the Digital age. Our current issues are available not only in print but Digitally online as well. We have been flooded with great positive feedback that is very appreciated by everyone on our staff.

Thank you from all of us!

CSM is the #1 "Cruise" Magazine in the USA and now thru our Digital editions will strive to become the largest Digital magazine in our market on the Internet.

Bold statements - you betcha.

It never ceases to amaze me when I ask readers what they think about CSM. Some say it's a Hot Rod Magazine others say it's a Custom Car Magazine, many more say it's a Car Show Magazine or a Performance Magazine, and even a Grassroots Magazine... and you know what - they're all correct. You can find something for every auto enthusiast in the pages of CSM. Our main niche started out with the Car Show listings; we have the best listings in the USA! This allows us to be relevant to ALL Auto Enthusiasts. Our readers are into All makes and models of cars and yes, styles of cars from Hot Rods to Classics and everything in between, and what brings them together - Car Shows.

So we found our niche, where did we go from there? We started adding Tech articles, Build articles, New Products, Classifieds, How To's, The Marketplace section, Business Directory and online Digital Edition.

Now the question is, where do we go from here...

First, we fine-tuned the focus of our Car Show reviews. I was a little tired of "The Car Show was fine, the weather was nice the food was great...." You'll see and read more about the stars of the show - the CARS! Sure we'll still tell you what the show was like but CSM will now feature one or two vehicles that stand out at each show and tell you more about the owners and the cars themselves. What it took to make them shine - no, not just the wax - the parts and manufactures, shops and friends that make each vehicle unique.

We want to give credit where credit is due, like Classic Performance Products, Inc., a leader in the automotive restoration industry or DEI is a pioneer in the automotive performance industry. . Let's not leave out Eckler's Family of Automotive Parts companies and hundreds of other products and manufactures out there that make these rides possible.

Send us your stories and pictures, builds and modifications, and we will feature them online and in CSM. We will also contact manufactures and installers for more Tech and Build Articles. Tell us what you want to see in the pages of CSM and online. With your help we WILL become the largest "Cruise" Magazine in print and on the Internet!

Keep Cruisin' in Style... Ray Martino