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Finally, there is a complete mount and exhaust solution for swapping the extremely popular GM LS engines into 2nd generation GM F-bodies (Camaro/Firebird).
12/22/2017 · From aimee
The 10,000 RPM VDO PRT Tachometer features configurations for 4,6 and 8 cylinder engine applications.
12/22/2017 · From aimee
Building an Xport brace for an 80’s Camaro
12/20/2017 · From aimee
This Vietnam Veteran Tribute Truck has been campaigned in the northeast for the last two years. There are currently thousands of Vietnam Veteran signatures on the truck, but there is plenty of room for many more signatures from us Vietnam Veterans in the southeast.
01/27/2018 · From CSMRay
Separating your ride from all the others can be as simple as different wheels and body color, however if you want to go to the next level then body mods are the only way to achieve a unique personality.
12/20/2017 · From aimee
This article can be used on any vehicle that has new headers and tubing being installed.
12/20/2017 · From aimee
Custom Street Rods have been the trend setters for new and innovative designs and the Engine Bay is an area that has garnered much attention on Custom builds.
12/20/2017 · From aimee
With an intake scoop shaking through an opening in the hood, and fender louvers venting air out of the side, it was very easy to envision the 1970-81 Pontiac Trans Am models as living, breathing machines.
12/22/2017 · From aimee
For the ultimate in looks and longevity when pounding your street machine on and off the track, upgrade to Classic Performance Products, Inc.’s billet sway bar mount bracket kits.
12/22/2017 · From aimee
Killer’s ’41 Willys was built turnkey less interior by WarHawk Performance of Glenn Allen, Alabama.
11/15/2017 · From aimee
On Wednesday September 17, 2014 Dave Hackney and I finally made our trip to the Dezer car museum located in Miami. It’s a 2 ½ hour trip from Cape Coral so you have 5 hours tied up just in driving time.
11/22/2017 · From aimee
Gregg & Janet Pellicer of South Daytona, Florida own this 1951 Chevrolet Sport Coupe.
12/01/2017 · From aimee
The Hot Rod hobby has undergone seemingly unlimited changes through the years from low riding customs with nothing but being cool and outrageous to stuffing the largest engine into the smallest and lightest body focusing strictly on how fast will it go.
12/26/2017 · From aimee
Hosted by the National Parts Depot at one of Florida’s oldest attractions, Silver Springs State Park, the annual Mustang and Ford Roundup had something for everyone.
12/31/2017 · From aimee
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