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January 29th saw what had to be nearly 2000 vintage and collector cars and trucks of all stripes literally overflow the Westfield Sarasota Shopping Mall in south Sarasota. Actually it was probably only the show vehicles that got a parking place at all.
11/20/2017 · From aimee
The Conroe Cruisers 23rd Annual Spring Car, Truck and Bike Show is a great place to spend a day. The event is held on the historic downtown square of Conroe, Texas.
11/24/2017 · From aimee
Blue Oval Enthusiasts Come Out To Play
11/24/2017 · From aimee
One of the first big shows of the season is always cause for celebration, even in sunny Florida where there are multiple shows every weekend
11/07/2017 · From aimee
The 2nd Annual Get-Together in Downtown Daytona
11/14/2017 · From aimee
Englewood Florida is where hundreds of old cars and enthusiasts and scores of old cars brighten Dearborn Street for over a half mile stretch of Dearborn Street, where the music floods the street and most restaurants and shops are open late.
11/24/2017 · From aimee
The Volkswagen has been a favorite vehicle to customize, hot rod or just restore by enthusiasts for many years. Dub Splash is the place to show it off and see what fellow dub owners are doing with their rides too.
12/01/2017 · From aimee
THE LANE MOTOR MUSEUM A Nashville Landmark
12/01/2017 · From aimee
I attended the Peace River Car Clubs 41st annual invitational car show on Saturday, March 14, 2015 from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm at beautiful Gilchrist Park, in Punta Gorda, Florida.
12/13/2017 · From aimee
The Hot Rod hobby has undergone seemingly unlimited changes through the years from low riding customs with nothing but being cool and outrageous to stuffing the largest engine into the smallest and lightest body focusing strictly on how fast will it go.
12/26/2017 · From aimee
Is there any way better to spend a beautiful summer day than hanging out with your car club members and eating great barbecue?
12/28/2017 · From aimee
John Jefferson of Orange, Texas had been keeping his eye on this 1934 Plymouth coupe for approximately 15 plus years. Over the years John had actually tried to buy it from the owner several times, but the owner kept telling John he was going to build it one day.
11/08/2017 · From aimee
John D. Breen, a native Buckeye, earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Industrial Design from the Cleveland, Ohio Institute of Art in 1973. He worked 34 years designing products for various manufacturers before retiring to devote his creativity to producing custom automobile art...
11/08/2017 · From aimee
Trying to come up with suitable words to describe Cruisin’ The Coast to those that have not attended are hard to find, but I will give it a try. Big, huge, awesome, unbelievable, stupendous, incredible and any other applicable words you find in the dictionary might come close
11/15/2017 · From aimee
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