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Based off of DEI’s popular Floor and Tunnel II Heat Shield, their Muffler Heat Shield Kit is designed to wrap around almost any size muffler.
02/16/2018 · From aimee
Finally, there is a complete mount and exhaust solution for swapping the extremely popular GM LS engines into 2nd generation GM F-bodies (Camaro/Firebird).
12/22/2017 · From aimee
SuperTrapp WaveTech Exhausts are designed for 4 and 6-cylinder sport compact imports.
12/22/2017 · From aimee
Don’t let excessive exhaust heat become a power drain. Top engine builders and racers trust DEI thermal wrap to expedite exhaust flow for higher velocity and maximum HP by controlling heat to produce increased exhaust flow and a cooler intake charge.
03/14/2017 · From CSMRay