'34 Hupmobile Street Rod

Have you ever heard of a ‘34 Hupmobile? If so how about a Model K421? The documentation from the company states only 1,006 were ever manufactured that year. Pretty scarce, but I managed to look at this one while at the Delta River Cruise held at Sam’s Town casino this past September 17-19 2011.

The information provided by the owners, Butch and Donna Downs of Colona, Illinois said as of 2007 this was the only one still in existence. I would have to agree this is one rare Hupmobile.

Hupmobiles were produced in Detroit Michigan and Cleveland Ohio from 1908 to 1941. The Hupp Brothers started the original company.

Now you know some background on the car company let’s take a look at this special rod because that is what this is - one terrific Street Rod.

As most of you do the same thing as I do at car shows we look at all of them. Then you see that one that just looks, well we’ll just say gives you that WOW feeling. This one did that for me.

The owner started with the original frame, modified it as needed to accommodate all the upgrades it would support, like the TCI front, the Ride Tech Tri-Link rear and narrowed Ford 8.8 with Shock Waves to cushion everything all around.

To make all that in the rear go the choice was a 5.7 modern HEMI with Chrysler’s 5-speed automatic. Spent fumes are exited with a custom built 2-½ inch exhaust using Magnaflows to quiet things down.

The interior is done in very light leather with matching steering wheel. Classic Instrument gauges are used to keep Butch informed of how everything is working. Color-coded paint and chrome make this interior look as artistic as the exterior colors do. Creature comforts abound with A/C, multi speaker sound system, and seats that look so soft and comfy. Check out the rumble seat too.

Everyone agrees that a set of wheels can make or break a cars looks. In this case the Budnik wheels and Bridgestone tires do that with 18x7 up front and the 20x8’s out back plus the 17x5 custom made side mounts just add that class to this ride that oozes top quality.

Well you know about the car now so just look at the images and see if you get that WOW feeling like I did.

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