1957 Chevy Restoration "The Godfather" Part 17 Oil Catch Can- PCV system

1957 Chevy Restoration Oil Catch Can - PCV system

    I needed to install a PCV system on the SBC engine. The Edelbrock Pro Ram II manifold has the oil fill located in the center valley of the engine. It also has the recess in front for the old front Oil filler tube but it’s not drilled. For nostalgia sake I should have drilled it out and installed one – too late now. The Speedway Motors Nostalgic valve covers do not have Breathers in them. If I was going to have a PCV system I needed a way for the crankcase to get fresh air, a PVC valve and a port in the intake to draw vacuum. Crankcase fresh air - Do I install two Offenhouser breathers on the sides of the valve covers? I did purchase them in case I went that route. Where should/could I place the PCV valve? Plus I needed a vacuum port on the intake. I went online to research what my options were. First, I decided on a PCV valve hidden in what looked like a normal old school 60’s chrome breather but sealed. I placed it in the intake valley oil fill hole with a special rubber grommet - Pic 1. Then I elected to go with an Oil Catch Can that also had a breather (filter) on top. I figure that will allow the crankcase to breathe (I hope), we’ll see. I found a used one on e-bay for $40. It looked nice so I took a chance and wouldn’t you know it they sent a new one in the box! Now for the vacuum port, I was originally going to drill and tap a 1/2” hole in the 1” carb spacer. A barbed air hose fitting looked like it would work fine. Problem is I couldn’t find a National Pipe taper fitting tap at local stores. NC were everywhere – everyone sold Natural course taps but no NP… When there’s a will there’s a way… I drilled a 3/8” hole in the aluminum spacer - Pic 2. Then I cut a 2 1/4“ piece of steel fuel line. I flared the end as if it was going on a fuel line fitting to help hold the hose - Pic 3. Putting some epoxy around the tube I pressed it into the 3/8” hole. Looks nice and should work fine - Pic 4.
    Now, were to mount the oil catch can? There was no place better for looks, and access to drain the can, then the cover plate I just got finished mounting the electronics on. The Automotive Gods were on my side. Two of the mounting bolts for the coil were perfect to mount the bracket. I just had to elongate the holes on the bracket - Pic 5. The heater access cover came off in two minutes and I was able to access the nuts on the other side with ease - Pic 6. I installed the bracket – Pic 7, reinstalled the panel and mounted the Oil Catch Can. After running the hoses  - Pic 8. I stepped back admired my work and said, “Perfect” - Pic 9.
    Have I mentioned lately how much fun I’m having working on “The Godfather”? Especially when the radios playing “American Pie” in the background. I close my eyes and I’m transported back to 1967 where I’m laying on the floor of a very COLD backyard garage scraping off the undercoating on the very same car listening to “Drove my Chevy to the levee...”!

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