'70 Mustang Quarter Panel Install

70 Mustang quarter panel install!

There are many new parts available for classic cars today but you have to wade through the myriad of import parts that do not fit to find the best repro parts out there. Our demonstration car is a Mustang but these same techniques can be used on any quarter panel replacement.


Step 1.

She looked good with old paint intact but unless it is bare steel you never know. No rust to speak of but side swiped and dented with out correct straitening procedures. Some one simply pasted it with bondo, but the truth be told. Proof in the naked pudding!


Step 2.

Close up shows where Mani has the quarter marked for an initial slice. Once he gets the outer layer off he can work the edges where the spot welds are much easier.


Step 3.

Using an impact hammer and cut off blade he proceeded to slice the old panel away.


Step 4.

We use various size rota broaches for different size factory welds. Often the factory would have double dipped the welds right next to each other making it much more difficult.  Hence the old saying that car was built on a Monday or a Friday. I say a lack of conscientious workers.


Step 5.

As seen on the roof area we have the original panel spot welds wire wheels clean for pin point accuracy.


Step 6.

 There are various spot welds located in different areas so inspecting and being careful not to over look any hidden welds is crucial.


Step 7.

Cross bracing was tack welded in place to stabilize the roof and quarters.


Step 8.

Next Mani takes off the outer wheel house as it needs to be replaced too.


Step 9.  

Once they are all drilled out, careful grinding is needed to keep the original metal at its full thickness for strength.


Step 10. 

Mani has all the welds ground smooth and it is time to fit the new outer wheel house.



Step 11.

As seen the factory alignment holes are dead on. Most often the inner wheel house will  need removing when quarter panels are replaced because of rust problems.


Step 12. 

A basic fit is all that is needed at this time because once we put the quarter in place for the first time we want to be able to move the outer wheel house around to match the quarter panel so leaving it a bit loose is good.


Step 13. 

All of the spot welds will need to be ground smooth where they were cut off. As seen on the fastback glass they are ready to be taken to level with the base metal.


Step 14.

 Mani slides the top or roof edge under the roof section first to allow clearance when installing. Not every quarter goes under the roof but some do. This does make it harder to fit because of it.


Step 15 

 As seen the roof edge was peeled up slightly to allow the quarter to slide under it. Once we are satisfied this will be tapped down in order to weld it all in solid.


Step 16.  

Next step is to install and line up the door to be sure of a matching panel system front to back.


Step 17.  

It was determined that a bit of the outer edge of the quarter needed trimmed to allow maximum fit so we marked it and are ready to trim.


Step 18. 

Another important area is the quarter to rocker panel fit. A thin 1/16th line is premium and the desired goal. The panel should be flush up and down as well as in and out.


Step 19.

On the back side of the quarter there is a bracket that attaches the main wheel house to the bracing.


Step 20.

This is the seam that drops off below the trunk lid edge. Many repro panels do not fit in this area. As seen the crown is rolled slightly and will need to be held in place with vise grip pliers. It’s the little things that make a nice panel installation.


Step 21,

These are the quarter extensions. The sheet metal pieces needed to be taken off the old quarter panels as they are reinforcements where the extension bolts up to. We will blast and prime these sheet metal pieces and then install on to the new quarter panels.







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