The Pontiac Motor Company never manufactured any Super Duty models in the model year 1961.  The first year for a factory Super Duty model was 1962. "If you wanted one in 1961, you had to build it yourself."   Fortunately Pontiac made this easy for Drag racers. They offered all the parts to turn your new 421 powered Pontiac "into a Super Duty Drag Racer, even offering the Ford". Truck hood scoop with a Pontiac part number.         These cars ran in the NHRA new OS/S class. (Optional Super/Stock) Production 421 Pontiacs ran in the Super/Stock class. The name "Day 2 Car" came from the fact that on "Day one” you purchased a stock 421 Pontiac and on "Day two" you built it into a Super Duty Racer. Mike and Jackie Bretschs 1961 Pontiac Catalina was built as a "TRIBUTE CAR" to bring back memories of  the GOOD OLD DAYS of Drag Racing and what it was like. Mike who's racing career began in 1957, even before he had his license, and has raced everything on four wheels. This was from 1957 to 1971. Then from 1972 thru 1982 he went Drag boat racing. In 1995 Mike was working on a 1961 Bonneville like the one he used to race. While hunting for parts he came across a junk yard in Arizona who's owner said that he has a 1961 Pontiac Catalina that was an old drag race car. He has, had it for about 10 years. Having purchased it from the original owner's father. It seemed that his son did not return from the war. The current owner had taken it apart to rebuild with his son and never got back to it. A deal was struck and it was Mike's. Mike and Jackie start building this TRIBUTE CAR as a show car for a trip down MEMORY LANE for all to see. It took them 8 years to build the Catalina in to a period correct,  OS/S "DAY 2", SD Drag car. They used period correct parts as they could find right down to the Ford truck hood scoop. When finished in 2003 it truly was a trip down MEMORY LANE.

Then it happened in 2006. That old DRAG RACING bug back came back. They purchased a trailer so the could go Nostalgic Drag Racing. The rest is history! Mike still show the car, but his main activities are racing and helping put on Nostalgic Racing programs.


THE ENGINE                                                                         

No Jackie isn't doing laundry, this is an old racers trick to prevent vapor lock                                                                                    


Pontiac OHV V-8, cast-iron block and cylinder heads. 421 cubic inches,

Bore x Stroke -- 4.123 x 4.00 inches. Compression ratio 11.5:1. Horsepower at RPM -- 500 @ 5,800. Torque at RPM -- 498-lbs.ft. at 4,500. Solid valve lifters, stamped-steel 1.65:1 rocker arms. Two 500-CFM Carter four-barrel carburetors, Carter mechanical pump. Nunzi Romano headers, with 1 3/4-inch primaries and 3 1/2-inch collectors, run open.                                                           


Borg-Warner T-10 aluminum case four-speed manual with Competition Plus shifter. Ratios:                                                                                              

1st -- 2.20:1                                                                                      

2nd -- 1.66:1                                                                                    

3rd -- 1.31:1                                                                                     

4th -- 1.00:1                                                                                     


Hypoid with Safe-T-Track limited-slip differential - Ratio -- 4.10:1                                                                                           


Front Firestone bias ply, 7.10 x 15 inches                                                                        

Rear Hurst cheater slicks, 29 inches                                                                                              



1/8-mile ET -- 8.40 seconds at 85 MPH*

1/4-mile ET -- 13.29 seconds at 105.12 MPH*                                                                

*On street tires. Since mounting cheater slicks, Mike made a pass at 12.5 seconds.    

Mike and Jackie, THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES                            

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