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50th Anniversary Gatornationals

50th Anniversary Gatornationals 

It was a great 50th Anniversary Gatornationals (even if I did have to camp in a tent - weather was perfect the first couple of days). I thought the Toyota "Unfinished" Business was kinda cool but in the sense that just getting all the big names together from the Past - Hall of Famer's like Big Daddy Don Garlits, Don Prudhome, Joe Amato, the King- Kenny Bernstein and more to race stock Toyota's in the quarter mile no less (18-19 second time-slips, pretty safe!)- was something special and fun!

Thanks "A" for the Media Credentials - they wouldn't allow me to go down-track to shoot parachute shots and I had to put my gear in a closet! It was a packed media room (after all - the 50th Anniversary!).

Great Fun and a big thanks to Jennifer who helped me out while there.


Article and Photos by Gary 


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