1957 Chevy Restoration "The Godfather" Part 11

1957 Chevy Restoration  "The Godfather" Part 11 - Cooling System

    Well I guess we’ll have to start at the beginning. We used an AFCO Short Race Water Pump #10680090 to get the water flowing thru our Auto City Classic Aluminum Radiator part #SL264. We needed special brackets to position the Radiator in front of the Radiator support bar - Pic 1&2.
    Our Auto City Classic Aluminum Radiator bolted in nicely and looks good too - Pic 3. We installed a Chevy Fan Shroud, Plastic, 6-Cylinder Position, from Eckler’s Part# 57-132014-1, to the back of the radiator support bar to direct airflow. The Lower hose part # 5196426 can also be seen in this pic – Pic 4.
    For the intake neck we found an old chrome unit that we bead blasted all the flaking chrome off and painted with Eastwood Chassis glossy black – Pic 5. This water neck pointed the upper hose away from the Fuel Pressure Gauge in front of the carbs – Pic 6. Would you believe we found a Gates hose on our misc. parts shelf that snaked around and was a perfect fit for our application? Sorry I can’t give you a part # as that part of the hose end was cut off long ago. But fit nicely it does – Pic 7! And here’s a look at the completed installation – Pic 8.
    Holley supplied me with a nice pair of tunnel ram 450’s. “The 0-9776 450 CFM mechanical secondary carburetor is designed as a universal performance carburetor for use on tunnel ram applications. This carburetor is a square-bore type and should not be used with adapters on spread-bore type intake manifolds. This carburetor is not designed to pass any emission laws. This carburetor features a mechanical secondary without a secondary accelerator pump. It is not intended for use in 1x4 carburetor applications. It is intended for use on a tunnel ram set ups only.”  I will use these for my street setup - Pic 9.
    Since I plan to attend and race in Nostalgia Events in the Southeast I had a set of Holley 660’s rebuilt by All American Carburetors. These are the 660 CFM Center Squirter Carburetor. When I said re-built I should have said remanufactured. When I got them back they looked like they just came off the assembly line. I couldn’t have asked for a better job. Thanks All American Carbs! This is from the Holley website. “The Holley 660 CFM Center Squirter carburetor is just as much at home on a competition vehicle as it is on a show vehicle parading around the fairground.” I may have to re-think swapping these out for the 450’s on the street. We’ll see - Pic 10.
    As I mentioned I was going with the `57 stock gas pedal linkage coming out of the firewall. This setup caused some problems because according to NHRA rules “some means of manually returning the throttle to a closed position by use of the foot must be installed on all altered linkage systems except hydraulically or cable-operated systems.” So there you have it. If I install a cable-operated system I should meet NHRA guidelines. I went with a Lokar Hi-Tech Universal Blower Drive Throttle Cable Kit since I was using side mount carbs – Pic 11.
    I first made a bracket for the cable housing to mount to - Pic 12. I then attached it to the throttle linkage bracket on the carb. I offset it enough so it would match up to the centerline of the carb throttle plate – Pic 13. I’m aligning the mechanical linkage to be dead center with the pull action of the cable. – Pic 14.  I installed the cable and attached the return spring for the rear carb  – Pic 15. You can see that the cable comes down and straight into the firewall to attach to the gas pedal assembly  – Pic 16. Here I attached the dual return springs to the front carb – Pic 17.  This shows a good view of the carb linkage I was originally going to use utilizing a Bellcrank bolted to the center manifold bolt. You can see the linkage that would have gone up and attached to the  crossover rod is now detached and laying down to the left - I will remove bottom bellcrank bracket as soon as I get the correct length bolts to replace the longer ones there. This original setup seemed like a lot of direction changes and possible binding points - Pic 18.
    I resolved how to manually return the throttle to a closed position using the stock `57 gas pedal!
    Check out our next issue to find iust how... RAY

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