1957 Chevy Restoration "The Godfather" Part 13

1957 Chevy Restoration  "The Godfather" Part 13 - Interior floor

    This is what it looked like in 1995 when we dragged it back from Bucks County Pennsylvania. Still had the `68 GTO bucket seats – In great shape too – Pic 1. It had the obligatory wood steering wheel that was so popular at the time – Pic 2. Rear floorboards look pretty good, no patches needed – Pic 3. Front floorboard on Passenger side needed to be replaced as you can see we have done – Pic 4.  You may also see that we had a BIG hole cut out for the shifter – Pic 5. I guess I thought I would need to pull the trans out thru the floorboard. No problems with the roof although I should have taken a picture of the blue bed sheet I used for a headliner – Had it sewn up with ribs and all… - Pic 6. Patch panel in place and a conservative hole cut out for the Hurst Ram Rod 4 Shifter. I lowered the body onto the frame VERY slowly and marked where the shifter was and kept cutting around it as I lowered the body – Pic 7. May have to trim a little off the sides for engine shake if needed.
Hurst Ram Rod Shifter
    Anyone associated with drag racing in the early `70’s knows what a Ram Rod Shifter is - Pic 8. There’s no “H” pattern with this shifter. You just lift up the “T” Handle and push forward. This places the Trans in 1st gear. Pop the clutch and you’re off. Pull straight back and you’re in 2nd. Push straight forward and you hit 3rd, pull straight back and you’re in 4th gear. These shifter’s can be found on e-bay starting at around $350-450 for the basic shifter without rods or shifter boot. I found a NOS Ram Rod 4 in the original box for $1,200 but I got it for $800. Yes – Way too much but it’s the only NOS (never used) one I ever saw. A set of Super Duty rods start at $130. The special Ram Rod Boot is another story. IF, and a big IF, you can find one expect to pay north of $200. There has been a NOS one up on E-bay for $399-600. Fortunately I got a new one off e-bay a year ago for $60.00- Pic 9. I don’t think he knew how special it was. Had some Bed Liner material left from the trunk so I used it for the interior floor - Pic 10. I’m going to get some DEI Boom Mat Spray-On Sound deadening for the interior body panels, rear quarters and inside door panels. May use it on the floor also.
    Hey, How’d he get in the pic! Notice the hard hat – I got tired of banging my head into EVERY solid iron piece under there. - Pic 11.

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