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1957 Chevy Restoration "The Godfather" Part 16

1957 Chevy Restoration "The Godfather" Part 16

    I wanted a functioning modern Gauge cluster to fit in the stock `57 housing. The housing I started with was modified years ago with aftermarket gauges and the center section was filled by a mechanical Pro-Comp Auto Meter 160 MPH Speedometer. Which I might add looked cool. I installed a new Volt gauge and a Fuel gauge on either side. Crimped wire ends connected to gauge set in opening – Pic 1. I fashioned a plastic retainer or you could call it a hold down. I fed the wires thru, placed Styrofoam as a spacer and tightened down the retainer – Pic 2. Here’s the back when I finished – Pic 3. And here’s a shot of front with the mechanical gauge – Pic 4.
    Earlier I installed a Super T-10 Power Brute 4 speed trans. It had a freeze plug where the speedometer went and I never popped it out to check if there was a ring drive gear on the shaft. Just checked – it doesn’t. %$#@. Well I didn’t want to chance removing the tail shaft on the car  - chance of dropping the reverse needle bearings into the case. And I certainly didn’t feel like dropping the trans out so I replaced the mechanical speedo  with a 5” GPS Speedometer, 0-140 MPH, Sport-Comp from Auto Meter – Pic 5! Starting from the back I removed the old speedo – Pic 6. This is a ring that was around the front of the gauge – Pic 7. New speedo gauge with ring slid on – Pic 8. I used a bracket to hold down the ring – Pic 9. Here’s a front view – Pic 10. I made these little tabs to secure the Pro-Comp Auto Meter to the housing and keep the Speedo in place – Pic 11&12. I wasn’t happy with how the gauge moved a little in the housing. Since the speedo  has buttons you need to push to set I decided to put some Gorilla Glue around the bottom, on top of that ring I showed you, for added strength. Wiring completed with another brace installed – Pic 13. Gauge cluster completed and ready to install – Pic 14. Looks good doesn’t it?! I’ll run the GPS sensor to the back of the car and mount on the rear speaker deck with a clear view of the sky. As easy as this Auto Meter GPS Speedometer operates you should consider it whenever you need to upgrade.
    Now that I have the Auto Meter Speedo installed I might just change out the Volt gauge and a Fuel gauge for Auto Meter units...
Auto Meter 5” GPS Speedometer, 0-140 MPH, Sport-Comp
    The latest in technology and the easiest possible way to add a highly accurate speedometer to your vehicle. AutoMeter’s advanced GPS Speedometers require no interface with your vehicle aside from power and ground. Their ultra fast, omnidirectional micro antenna is included for true plug and play functionality and never requires calibration. Configurable Rally Nav display shows odometer, trip odometer, time/date, GPS coordinates, heading info, compass, and peak speed recall. Quite simply, the easiest, most accurate speedometer available.
Auto Meter Products Inc

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