1957 Chevy Restoration "The Godfather" Part 5

1957 Chevy Restoration "The Godfather" Part 5

Surprise, – We’re back working and getting ahead on “The Godfather”! Because of that we will be able to run consecutive articles in the upcoming issues.  Before lowering the body on the frame we needed to prime and paint the firewall. Next time we do a project car we’ll paint that area when the vehicle is on the rotisserie. Paint came out nice but someone (me) forgot to get a finished pic before we lowered the body and installed the engine.

1 - The body lifted off the frame. Firewall ready to be prepped for paint and primer.

2 - Bagged, primed and ready for paint.

3 - Body lowered onto frame and engine installed - Boy that was fast... LOL.

4 - The headers are Hooker Fenderwell Headers 2102-1HKR. They came powder coated silver. EVERYONE knows Headers on Gassers need to be WHITE. Just not right any other color. Headers were blasted and then coated with exhaust white paint. Maybe before the build is complete we’ll have them Powder Coated.

     Opps, I’m getting ahead of myself – Never told you about the engine…

5 - Scat crank being installed.

6 - This is where you’ll find the Numbers on crank.

7 - Checking that crank and rotating assembly, rotates freely, and not binding anywhere.

     Back in the day I ran a 265 sbc punched out to 272ci. My best time was 11.94 when the record was 11.90. In order to accomplish that, I needed 5:86 gears and shifted at around 8500 rpm. In other words we needed to beat these small cube engines to death. I don’t want to have to do that now… All I want is a time slip that says 11:90. So I’m cheating (don’t tell anyone – especially Tom Donahue. I have a grudge race with him when we’re both done building our Gassers).

     I decided to go with a 383 SBC Stroker built by Yow’s Automotive Machine - 941-758-6466 located in Bradenton, FL. Johnny started with a GM 5.7 Gen. I Crate Motor with a date code of L157 Dec15 1997 which makes it a roller block.

8 - Shot of underside of piston.

9 - If you look close you can see area on block clearanced for rod.

10 - Checking cam lift.

11 - Short Block complete - ready for heads.

Engine Internals and specs:

SCAT Crank, SRP 400 pistons. Bore 4.030 - Stroke 3.750, Rod 5.700. Block ht 9.000 - Comp ht 1.425 - 0.030. Comp Cam Hyd Roller 08-00-8 XR300HR small base circle w/cam retainer groove. Dart Pro 1 heads with 215cc Intake Runner Volume (cc). Comp Ultra Gold Rocker Arms 19004-16. Put that all together and I don’t think I’ll have any trouble going 11:90 in the quarter mile – do you…?

12 - Degreeing cam, checking pushrod length.

13 - Using lightweight springs to check pushrod length makes engine easier to spin over and helps you hit specific points with greater accuracy. Also lighter springs are a must if you’re using adjustable push rods because they can’t stand up to the force of a real valve spring.

     After the engine was built I found out that there are companies out there that can machine the outside of aluminum heads and make them look like and give them the finish of double hump heads. A little paint – a LOT of steel shavings, Hummm… LOL

14 - Scored this great looking very rare Edelbrock Pro Ram II Tunnel Ram  off e-bay. Back in the day Edelbrock ran faster down the Drag Strip and was worth a lot more Torque than other tunnel rams. Intake and carbs next issue!

         I love the comparison between the 1968
and 2017 photos of the engine  don’t you! When we can we’ll show comparisons like these through the build.


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