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This 1975 Bricklin Pro Street is a long was from it’s roots. Built between 1975 and 1989 these were supposed to be one of the safest cars of it’s time (hence, the SV1 nomenclature as Bricklin referred to them). It had a built-in roll cage, side guard rails, 5mph bumpers and acrylic body not to mention those unmistakable gull-wing doors! Only 2,854 were built and only one like this I’m sure is out there.

The cars creator, Malcolm Bricklin, went to great lengths to make his statement with these cars - even leaving out a cigarette lighter and ashtray because he was so against smoking. I’m sure he never envisioned something like this, which belongs to Tom South from Port Orange, Florida. 

Tom’s got a neat history with cars; he owns a ‘32 Ford 2 door Sedan, a Ford 1970 Kenworth Hot Rod Custom that he calls FordWorth, a HUGE collection of various die-cast - which include just about every Hess Truck and Franklin Mints that you could imagine! His favorite car however, was his orange 1955 Chevy with 604 cubes of Bow-Tie Big Block that he raced back at Raceway Park (Englishtown) to the tune of 9 plus seconds! Tom was one of the first to race at Englishtown back in the 60’s, campaigning many different B/G altered cars- including a 1948 Crosley 2 door wagon and 57 Chevy amongst others. Tom credits his wife Vivian and niece Fran with much support and love, always attending all the racing and car shows he’s attended over the years. 

While this car was originally Canadian built, he wants to give credit to the original owner who is President of the National Bricklin Club and started this project many years ago. He had many of the NOS parts down in his basement from years of collecting and had the start of the vision to what this car would become. Next came along Roger Thompson who resides in Florida not far from Tom and moved it all up a notch! Roger added the blower, interior upgrades, radiator and custom off-set wheels to fit the car.

Tom fell in love with the “Safety Orange” Bricklin upon seeing it for the first time and pestered Roger for a couple of years until he was finally able to purchase it. When Roger told him the price he cried he says, then he counter-offered and Roger cried…but finally they settled on a fair price and Tom’s dream started to quickly materialize. Tom is quick to point out that this block is not just an ordinary 454 but a “Bow-Tie” Block which was a racing block from Chevy. It’s equipped with GM Aluminum racing heads, forged steel crank, GM Racing pistons, Blower Shop Billet 8-71 Blower, TCI Turbo 400 with 3,000 Stahl Converter, Dana 60 Rear w/3:73 gears, Billet Specialties Wheels, Wildwood Disc brakes, 14 gallon Fuel cell, Meziere Water pump and more that would take up another whole page!

You get the idea by now I’m sure - this baby cooks and with the 4brl carb was once billed as the “World’s Fastest Bricklin” - Now its just faster, cooler and definitely Un-Brick-Like for sure!

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