Cobra Cruise to Cody's Roadhouse

On Sunday January 26, 2014 The Deep South Cobra Club made their annual cruise but this time to Sebring Florida, and Cody’s restaurant.  We had about four different groups coming from all over the Florida area.  In the past we went to the Nav-A-Gator restaurant but everyone wanted to try some new roads and a different restaurant.  

My group met at our normal location at Muscle Car City in Punta Gorda, as they have a large parking lot because this location was once a former Walmart store.  I have to apologize to my group, because when we arrived there was no place to wait and park, I have never ever seen MCC so jammed, on their once a month Flea Market weekend.  We did find some parking at the next door banking facility, and when we finally all arrived we all headed north on route 17 to route 64 east and then on to route 27 south into Sebring and Cody’s restaurant.  

We had 17 cars and 35 people all wanting to have lunch at the same time, and I must admit the wait staff at Cody’s compared to the Nav-A-Gator did a much better job handling our requests.  They took our drink and menu items order and got them out in record time.  

I met Henry Renaud for the first time, even though Henry has been a member from 2007 on, in the Deep South Cobra Club. Henry came in his blue Factory Five Mark IV cobra roadster with a new Ford Coyote engine.  The Mark IV was digitized from Dick Smith’s real original cobra CSX3035, so Factory Five would have a more accrete looking cobra.  Henry must really like the building of kit cars as he first built a GTM Corvette base donor Factory Five kit car, it was painted yellow but no one really remembered until Henry said he blew the engine when at a Reptile Roundup, racing against the cobras.  Next he built a factory Five 33 Ford roadster from a Factory Five kit.  

As we speak Henry has been working on his latest build from Factory Five which uses a Subaru as the donor car.  As my cobra has been designated as a Solbra because it started life as a Pontiac Solstice, and then transformed into looking like a replica cobra, my buddy Rick Eggers who has a cobra but it was out of commission for this run, drove his Jaguar.  We decided to call his Jag the JagObra and I have included a picture.  

On our trip to Sebring the Sheriff’s department was out in force and I was wondering are all the donut shops closed on Sundays?  Here I have to say I’m sorry to John Hill as he still works for the Sheriff’s office but brought his new green Factory Five Mark IV cobra roadster to join us for the first time on our annual January run.  I did not take as many pictures as I normally do, because as we started outside it looked like rain.  When so many cobras do not have tops people started to leave to miss all those rain drops.  With all the pictures I included with this article you will see know two cobra replicas look alike.

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