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The whole Corvette passion for me started, when my cousin Tommy Emhof, 8 years my senior, pulled in my driveway in a ‘60 Corvette. 

Get in! And along with my best friend Ricky Humphreys we took our 1st ride. Game over, when I turned 16 I started to count Corvettes until I got one. Well 11,235 cars later and 19 years old this ‘62 Corvette was in my driveway “YES”. Oh by the way, that best friend Ricky, he got his ‘60 (still has) a year later. In short I drove the car 5 years, got hit from a red light runner and parked. Got pissed and built a ’69 Stringray (still have it).

2010 hey, ‘62 it is your turn. Body off in my garage, frame redone in my garage, we are off to paint and body at Tom Donahue’s Classic Restorations in Royal Palm, Florida. The engine goes to Keith Pisut over at Keith’s Rods & Customs in Oakland Park, Florida.

Since I was always in love with Drag Racing, to me “GASSER” was all I envisioned for my Vette. You guessed it: “Big John” Mazmanian and Chris Lang (Maleo Super Vette). Body - stock, Interior-stock, engine- 331ci with Gartlis Induction. Frame/ Suspension- stock, Paint - custom blend House of Colors Candy Red/ Rose Base. So After 42 years of ownership and 37 years dormant; IT IS DONE!! Death threats from Pisut: PRICELESS

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