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Cruisin' in Style is Tom Loggans from Deltona, Florida with his Rally Red 1965 Corvette Convertible.  Tom relates that his car is a personalized weekend driver and not a bone factory stocker that is captured in a trailer and has to be transported to and from events.  The first modification noticed on this Trophy winning Classic is the very popular 1967 Big Block Hood, with an aftermarket cost of about $800.  Next dress-up item that catches an eye is the wide Progressive Aluminum Wheels with three bar spinner fitted with wide tires.  Wide tires made it necessary to "Flare" the rear fender openings to cover the tire and conform with State Law.  This  Law, reads in part "Fender Design must cover the entire tread width that comes in contact with the road surface."  Some exceptions are made for Antiques, Street Rods and Kit Cars. 


The addition of an extra tail-light was first influenced by GMs Grand Sport and Mako Shark Prototype Corvettes that were paraded around at Car Shows in every major city in the USA.  Never did follow-up into production for the mid-year Corvettes.  But look like a factory addition when installed.


This pristine Vette has the 327 SB 350HP engine putting power through a Shaffer Clutch setup and a M22 4-speed Trans.  Good combo for those stop-light to stop-light fast take-offs and just Cruisin in Style.


Interior is standard Black Vinyl.  Note the Hurst "T" Handle Shifter.  This Corvette was a base model Convertible [$4106] with a 4-speed,[$188.30] AM/FM Radio,[$203.40] Positraction Rear Axle, [$43.05] and Blackwall Tires [$15.70].  Off the Dealers lot for around $4556.45 minus your trade.  Thumbing through the "Black Book" Value for a #3 Driver is around $33500.  Still holding its money value of about 7.5 to 8.5 times over what the Car cost new, is confirmed at Classic Car Auctions.  Most Classics have 0% growth in value or are in the [-]negitive %.   The economy has put a temporary lid on the buying frenzy and appreciation growth of Collectible Vehicles. 


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