Cruisin’ Style Magazine’s Pick Shades of the Past Street Rod Roundup

Normally walking through thousands of unique pieces of automotive art to choose from and knowing I can only pick one, yea, only one to represent Cruisin’ Style magazine and what I think the readers would agree with and enjoy seeing and reading about is a tough, hand wringing, head scratching, stressful endeavor, but not this year. In fact, this year’s pick screamed at me from across the lot. Odd part is, the Shades of the Past has a roped off area for vehicles that the owners want judged. The rest of the lot is for the participants that just want to cruise in, hang out and enjoy the event. 

Well, I always walk the place over, find a bit of shade and a cold drink before I even begin to think about the magazine pick, most times to be honest, I even hit the swap meet to try and get those early bird deals etc., however, on my way to the swap meet this ultra sanitary, fresh looking ’64 Ford Fairlane 500 jumped right out and demanded I look it over. Like love at first site, my quest was over right then and I knew it. Not only was it not in the judging area, it was absolutely as far away from that area as you could get, what better place to find a true jewel. 


Gary Ragan from Monticello, Kentucky had just finished his latest creation only days before heading to Pigeon Forge. The flawless red paint still fresh and the spotless white leather interior was some real eye candy but when I heard the rumble from the 427 Windsor motor and seen the three pedals and six forward gears notched into the Hurst shifter knob I knew this dolled up cruiser could also be a bruiser. Rolling on polished American Racing wheels Gary’s Fairlane would be right at home burning up the quarter mile asphalt isle or simply, Cruisin’ in Style! 

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