Deep South Cobra Club Annual Run To Cody's 2016

On Sunday January 31, 2016 the Deep South Cobra Club met for their trip to Cody’s restaurant in Sebring Florida.  Last year I made reservations for 36 people and with all my info made reservations for 36 this year, but 46 people arrived at the door when the restaurant opened at 11:30am.   Cody’s always does an excellent job of handling large groups and the food isn’t bad either.  This event just gets bigger each year.  This year being El Nino with very unusual weather patterns, as in the normal month of January we normally get rain fall of 2 inches we had 14 inches. I think everyone waited for the weatherman to see if they were going to attend or not.  Well, Sunday was the nicest day we had all week and the rain was coming back on Monday.  We had the parking lot filled with cobra replicas from many of the replica manufacturers.  I had to inform a fellow enthusiast but not part of our group that one of the cobras he was pointing out to his wife was not as he said “that’s possibly a real cobra”.  I told him that they were all replicas as most of the originals were now in museums, as they continue to climb in price.  I met a lot of new cobra owners again but remembering names has become a real chore to this old man, but if they continue to make our events maybe I will remember their names.  It’s really a shame when you are in the winter months of Florida our normally dry season, own a convertible and El-Nino gives you 6 times the normal January rain fall.  Hell, it’s too hot in the summer months and now it has become too wet.  Boys and their Toys, need warm rainless days to drive with the top down, plus most replicas do not even have tops, it rains you are getting wet.  With all the different cobra replica manufacturers and owners you never really see two cobras that look the same.  Now look at the pictures I took, and see all the different subtle changes the cobras have.

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