Deuce Run - ‘32 Fords Cruise the North Carolina Back Roads


ver the years, we’ve read about the fun old car hobbyist’s have with their cars. Not just showing them, but driving them. A few clubs around the country offer cruises through beautiful, scenic regions of the country. Usually the fun is open to all venues of cars. In 1997, a few ‘32 Ford street rodders got together, and decided that it would be fun to get a bunch of Deuce owners together for a cruise through the North Carolina foothills. Randy Nash, from Columbia, SC, Bill Rhodes, from Charlotte, NC, & Buster Henderson, from York, SC, got the ball rolling, and haven’t looked back. What started off with a dozen cars in 1997 has slowly blossomed. In 2012, we had cars from the Carolina’s, Tennessee, Ohio, Florida, Georgia, Virginia, California, and more! We had a collection of cars that spanned everything that Henry built in 1932; roadsters, 3 windows, five windows, 2 & 4 door sedans, and a rare pickup or two. On June 2, 2012, thirty-four ‘32 Fords took to the roads of North Carolina. The theme of the run has always been, “No attitudes, no drama…just folks with ‘32 Fords getting them out for a nice Saturday drive.”

The plan has always been to stay off of the interstates, and just take country roads. Because we meet in Huntersville, NC, just North of Charlotte, there is no easy way to get North to the foothills without a little interstate driving. So, for 50 miles, we take the busy highway. Once off of the interstate, we cruised through small towns on open country roads. What a sight to see. People pull off of the road just to watch the procession of cars. Homeowners cutting their lawns, just stopped their tractors and admire the machinery passing by. We make a couple of stops along the way. First stop is a service station for fuel. Since most ‘32’s have a small fuel tank, fuel is needed by some, since there aren’t many stations along the way. Plus, it gives everyone an opportunity to use the facilities, because, again, there isn’t too much along the way. The station we stop at has ample parking for all of the cars. It looks like a car show there. Once rested and fueled, we head out to the open road. Next stop is an overlook on the Blue Ridge Parkway, which is a few hours up the road. The overlook is a few miles from our final destination of Blowing Rock, NC, which is at one of the higher elevations in the mountains. The temperature there is usually 20 degrees cooler than when we started in Charlotte. After a layover there, it’s on to The Canyons restaurant in Blowing Rock. The owners of the restaurant always welcome us with open arms. The parking lot is large enough to accommodate their regular customers, plus our group. The service and the food are very good, as well as the scenery. Out of the back deck of the restaurant, you can see for probably 200+ miles clearly. Awesome sight!

After lunch, we all mingled and then everyone starts their long drive home. Some people went North, some went East & West, and some of us took the four lane South, down the mountain. When we reached the bottom, we made a detour, and went to a car show/cruise-in, in downtown Lenoir, NC. Over 300 cars were there already. The four of us just found a place to park, and enjoyed the afternoon. After a few hours, we started the long, long drive home. 

One of the neatest “rusty” cars I’ve ever seen was a 5 window coupe. The great thing is that the car was fiberglass and it was painted to look like rust! This gem belonged to a gentleman named Tom Busch. If the name Busch sounds familiar, Tom is NASCAR drivers Kurt & Kyle Busch’s dad. A great guy with a great car! Tom himself was a star in NASCAR, but he rarely talks about it. He’s just another one of the guys on the tour! The Nash’s travelled in their pristine, 100% Henry Ford steel coupe. I had the largest car with my ForDor. We had cars in primer, pristine show cars that are also drivers, cars under construction, and everything in between. The only stipulation is that it is a 1932 Ford, and that you like to have fun and meet people.

This year, it’s going to be another full day of driving and enjoying the cars and people. It will be similar to last year’s run, so if you want to have a good time with your ‘32 Ford, see some beautiful scenery, and meet people with the same love of the Deuce, plan on being there. The 2013 date is June1, 2013 . You won’t regret it.

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