Mark resides in Edgewater Florida, having moved from a Speed Shop and Auto-Parts business that he worked and owned for many years in Wisconsin. Too many years of cold and snow he says with a laugh. Never mind that his wife Rosemarie was as agreeable to get out of town to seek greener and warmer pastures too! A peach of a gal, who wouldn’t adore a gal that said just get me a house with that shop you want and I’m a happy camper!

It’s been written here before (April 2016, pages 32-34, AFX Dodge) but Mark May is like the superman to us “normal” hot rodders. He just kicked it up a few notches tho with this next project, a 32 five window Ford. He keeps churning out these cool cars that we just can’t refuse to show off!

Now Mark has done the whole deal - raced drag cars, ovals, even some ice racing so he was no stranger to all this go fast stuff. Just so happens that a fellow in a near-by community (New Smyrna Beach) was selling some fiberglass bodies of a 32 Ford (five window) he had made, so Mark latched onto one. Next he acquired a chassis that was from the firewall back made of .125 NHRA legal tube. No stranger to the Speed Shop and parts business he next acquired a 6 inch dropped straight axle from Speedway Motors. Mark has always been a hands on guy, fabricating most all of his own stuff. He grafted on a boxed front end, added all the suspension and Vega steering gear and there was no looking back!

Fuelish Passion is powered by a Dodge motor that Mark had lying around from his stock car days, built with 12:1 compression no less, from K&B engines in Marshfield, WI. It has Eldebrock aluminum heads, forged JE pistons, a stroker crank, Hughs Engines built cam and a 750 Holley under those fake injectors by Al’s Blowers in New Zealand. MSD provides the spark, and Sanderson headers exits the exhaust. Note the one piece mufflers and exhaust, its LOUD! It shifts firmly through a three speed Chrysler 727 trans with a 4000 stahl dynamic converter into a fully fabricated 9 inch Ford with Grissly locker and 4:33 gears via Moser axles, a four-link and 15x31.50 Mickey Thompson meats on Weld 15x15 rear wheels. The fronts are Rocket Launcher 10 spokes and it stops via Wilwood disc brakes.

Mark fabricated the aluminum interior, found old Porsche seats to fit in hand made frames which join the Stroud 8 foot parachute release lever, B&M ratchet shifter, Auto-Meter 8k tach and Stewart Warner gauges that keep tabs on everything. Its gas tank is a RCI 16 gallon fuel cell. Custom spoilers front and rear give it that serious business attitude. He added a trans cooler with a remote switch for the fan to keep the tranny cool while running around town. Yes, Mark paints also and its painted a Chrysler Plum Crazy Purple (70 Dodge) and a Spectramaster (Dupont) Yellow with rainbow micro-flakes in the three coats of clear that glistens in the sunlight.

Its a hand-full he says but really rather docile as far as sitting there at idle. Give this baby the gas tho and all of this 2350lb, 550hp hot rod responds- pushing your eye balls to the back of your head and a  “wipe that grin off your face” awesome kinda feel is what you get! While the fuel economy was never an issue (its NOT good he says) and he doesn’t drive it any farther than 20-25 miles out of town, its one “FUELISH PLEASURE” we can agree with. It’s built with a passion and skill that not many possess. So, it’s ok Mark, keep living that dream and keep it between the ditches! It’s one AWESOME Ride and we can’t wait to see what’s in store next!

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