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Fender Roller

Fender Roller

Need extra fender clearance for those big wheels and tires? You could whack the fenders with a hammer or hack the offending sheetmetal off to get the necessary clearance, but that’s caveman stuff. Summit Racing’s professional-grade Fender Roller is easy to use—just bolt it to the wheel, adjust the forming arm to fit the fender lip, and turn the handle. The ball bearing-equipped wheel smoothly rolls the fender lip flat for a neat, clean appearance. The arm adjusts from 14 to 22.75 inches to fit most wheelwell openings.

What’s the best way to roll a fender for your lowered vehicle or vehicle with larger wheels? The answer is simple--Summit® fender rollers allow you to gain the clearance needed to eliminate tire rub. These professional-grade fender roller tools allow you to increase clearance between the tire and the fender, roll the fenders, or repair wheel-arch collision damage. The fender roller tools will fit on 4 and 5-lug wheel hubs up 72.5mm with a maximum bolt circle of 4 3/4 in. (120.65mm). These tools feature a forming arm that adjusts from 14 in. to 22 3/4 in. to roll lips flat, and are equipped with a ball bearing system that forms the fender. So, don’t take the chance of ruining your brand new set of expensive tires on your lowered ride--use Summit® fender rollers to nix tire rub, once and for all!

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