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The wife & I headed out on February 22, 2014 to help celebrate Finish Lines Grand Re-opening which is located at 20871 Johnson St. suite 106 in Pembroke Pines Florida, 33029, it would be about a 2 ½ hour trip from our home.  When I got up in the morning the temperature was already 68 degrees so I put the top down, but there was a really, really dense fog & the skies did not actually clear until we got east of LaBelle.  After a nice breakfast & a stop to top off the gas tank we headed east on route 80 until we reached route 27 then headed south into Pembroke Pines and Finish Line, home of (Quality Cobra Parts & Accessories). 

The Deep South Cobra Club has had Finish Line as a major sponsor for our club from day one, and it was time to show our support.  The company actually started briefly after when Enzo Alibrandi built his personal cobra replica roadster which he purchased from the Everett Morrison company & at this time was located in the state of Florida.  With all the different cobra replica companies in business & all that had disappeared from the scene, Enzo with his wife Paula started Finish Line, trying to help cobra enthusiasts with parts needed to help build their replica. The business worked well until Enzo’s passing in 2012, dropping the ball in his wife’s lap.  In the later part of 2013 Paula decided to put her daughter Jackie Riobe in charge as the new CEO.  Jackie has taken over Finish Line with great enthusiasm & the wife & I   have met Jackie before on a couple of Cobra outings we have both attended together. It was nice meeting the rest of the crew & putting faces with what was before only a person’s voice on the phone.

Jackie decided with the help of Cobra Joe Productions, Joe Bevelacqua, our south Florida premier car show, & cruising event organizer to make the grand re-opening a car show for all car enthusiasts, & not just cobra owners.  Jackie went all out as she always does & had coffee, juice, & every kind of sweet roll possible for our arrival & later at lunch time she brought in lunch bags filled with a sandwich, chips & a cookie & tubs filled with cold drinks.  I had to take her word for all the updates & refurbishing of their warehouse as I had never been here before. I’m going to include in her own words the story lines of the new Finish Line CEO Jackie Riobe, daughter of Enzo & Paula Alibrandi.


Finish Line,

As you know Enzo Alibrandi founded Finish Line in 1992 in his one car garage when he built and Everett Morrison and saw how slow parts were to obtain.  So, the business took off.  He helped many big manufacturers get their start.  After he fell ill we slowed down to care for him.  But, now we are back in full swing motivated by a higher power.  Angels have blessed us from all around to help give Finish Line a new look.  Now being the new CEO and making changes to better service techniques and customer relations.  Our motto is “a happy customer is a happy company” and if we don’t have the part you need, we will be glad to help you find it.   We are looking forward to being open to the public.  We will be the hosting location of the Fun N Sun cobra club, and here to help on a daily basis.

Why Finish Line is still selling Cobra Parts after 22 years of service.

As many of you know Finish line has been around since 1992.  Many of you can proudly say you have been buying parts from us for decades!  Others can say they are first timers who plan on being long time customers.  Either way, Finish Line is still family owned and run.  Lately, Finish Line has been going through a greatly needed make over courtesy of Not Maurice Marketing.  They have launched our new website, re-did our logo, and helped us get plugged in to our customers. We are working on uploading all of your cobra pics to our photo gallery.  There are some really amazing cobras out there!   We also appreciate all of our customers who have helped us launch this amazing site by pointing out any small glitches.  This has been minimal!  Once again, that is thanks to Not Maurice!   I have been thinking about writing our first blog and I knew when I read these words of a cobra owner on one of my frequented cobra forum sites, I had to post the insert to show you why Finish Line is still selling cobra parts.  With the permission of the writer, here are the words that fuel our passion........”our beloved Cobras. 50 years young, they mimic a bye gone era. Wind in your hair, belching non-catalytic gases loudly into the open air, and a manual gear selector in your other hand (right or left, depending on where in the world you reside), the sense of driving freedom and pleasure is euphoric. I’ve never owned/driven a more fun vehicle that is purpose built, easy to work on and provides immense pleasure whether driving down the road or simply being stared at in the garage.  We drive dinosaurs. And we like it that way. No...We LOVE it. We all get to experience something that is going the way of the slide rule, the typewriter…the dial-faced phone. It’s one of the last remaining remnants of 20th century society.”

This is why we are carrying on the legacy of Finish Line.  The people that have gotten the opportunity to experience a ride in a cobra know exactly what this writer is talking about.  Finish Line feels the same.  We are here and will be here for our Cobra Owners!  If anything, it is time for a cobra revival!

Finish Line Accessories is a great place to shop, work on your on your cobra, watch the race, or just hang out in the cafe and talk shop. Our vision is to be the backbone to the cobra community if you live locally or far away. We want to serve you whole heartedly! Join us for this special day.  

 - Jackie Riobe

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