Richard LaPorte of South Daytona, Fl owns this beautiful 1965 Mustang. Purchased recently, he fell in love with it at first sight! Why? Richard has always loved DECALS and hot rods of all varieties. This car was purchased as you see it, with the graphics and decals he loves so much. Particularly, Rich grew up in the early days of hot rodding and drag racing, but all kinds of racing really appeals to him he says. Remember in its infansy when drag racers were encouraged to put decals on their cars, representing the equipment they used to build their cars? You were awarded contingency money besides the class win money because you were displaying the manufacturers decals - and so, you could pick up some extra bucks!

Mustangs especially created such a buzz in the automotive marketplace - being introduced at the Worlds Fair of 1964. The first generation mustangs as they became known, with its long hood and short deck, proved wildly popular and inspired a host of imitators.  Introduced just 5 months prior to the normal start of the 1965 production year, these early mustangs were often referred to as 1964 and a half models.

Richards mustang has 302 power with an Eldebrock Torker manifold, Summitt 4 barrel, a T5-5 speed trans with short throw Hurst shifter, hydraulic clutch, frame connectors, updated front disc brakes (drum rears on a Ford 9inch). Other mods include Ford 2014 paint (you guessed it...Gotta Have it Green!), aluminum radiator, Weld Alumastar wheels, strut tower braces, heavy duty suspension pieces (Caltract bars), GT Graphic’s, and oh yes - those decals!

No one knew just how wildly popular these Mustangs would become. The Mustang itself was a hit and Richards is no different. He enjoys driving it to all the local shows he says and its reliable and turns heads wherever he goes. He has always been facinated by muscle cars and racing of all kinds. He was so excited to add this car to his stable! Win on Sunday and sell on Mondays as the saying goes and when Richard saw this car he just thought.....”I GOTTA HAVE IT” and that was that! 

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