Gettin' Greedy for the Needy

Lone Star Rides along with Spider Wraps and Mad Gear Hot Rod Apparel hosted their first Gettin’ Greedy for the Needy Car Show which was held in Spring, Texas. The event was a big success and the weather could not have been any better. The show was open to all cars, trucks and motorcycles of any year or make and the proceeds will go to help local families with Christmas this year.

There was a good variety of vehicles from old to new and some race cars too. Since it was an open car show there was certainly something there for everyone. Chubbz Grubbz served up some awesome food and drinks as well as donated a percentage of their proceeds to the show. The DJ kept the music pumping throughout the day as participants and spectators filed into the event. The event even had a booth set up for just the little ones with plenty of activities to keep them entertained. There were lots of raffles during the day and the prizes were made possible from donations from Meguiar’s Car Care Products, Spider Wraps and Mad Gear Hot Rod Apparel. A special thank you goes to Shelia Chadwell for securing the trophy cups for the winning participants.

I have said many times that car folks are the most helpful and caring people you will ever meet. This was a fun and family oriented show for a good cause and it drew some really cool trucks, cars, hot rods and classics to the event. Organizers tell me that they plan to make this an annual event and for as well organized as it was and all the great sponsors I only see this show getting bigger and better with each year. 

Events like this really benefit everyone. The gearheads get their fix of the wheeled wonders on display and have the opportunity to talk shop all day. The most important people who benefit are those families who get a hand up for the holidays and the kids who get their wish list fulfilled. Enough thanks cannot be given to all who supported this event because without them it could have not been possible. Giving back to the community is a big deal, it warms the heart and it will certainly put a big smile on some children’s faces and yours. 

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