Gorgeous Classic Red 1957 Oldsmobile

Bill and wife Evie Drnak have been Florida snowbirds for a long time now and this time he surprised me on his arrival with pictures of his newly purchased, gorgeous classic red ‘57 Oldsmobile.  Bill and I go way back as we both retired from Local # 17 Cleveland Ohio, as ex-Elevator Maintenance Mechanics.  He found and purchased his car from an ad located in Hemmings.  

Bill took his new car purchase to a few cruise-ins and car shows back in Ohio and he found a few other Oldsmobile owners who knew the original owner of his car.  He told them he sure would like to talk to this owner and learn more about his car.  Rather than just giving Bill that owner’s info they elected to give the owner Bill’s info and to let him decide if he wanted to contact Bill.  The past owner indeed wanted to talk to the new owner.  

When they talked, Bill found out that the original OEM paint was a two tone Blue/white.  He also found out that he had just purchased new tires for the Olds, but not just the normal four on the ground but two more as the spare in the trunk was new as was the tire located in the continental kit at the rear.  Bill bought the car in June of 2015 and he is the 3rd owner. The guy he bought the car from is the second owner who owned the car for
over 30 years, who bought the car from that original owner. 


The car has been in Ohio all its life. The last restoration was completed
in 2006 by the 2nd owner.  The car is a Golden Rocket 88 that has been dressed up with Super 88 chrome and stainless.  It has a rebuilt 371ci motor with a 4bbl. carb which puts out 277 hp and is bolted up to a Controlled Coupling Hydra-Matic- Jet- a- way 4 speed automatic transmission which came in Oldsmobile’s from 1956 to 1964.
Mounted in the trunk is a 10 CD player mated to a custom stereo radio.  It also has dual exhaust tucked away behind the rear bumper.  It’s too bad Bill will not bringing his Gorgeous Classic Red ‘57 Oldsmobile south this year as he could run to a different car show every day of the week.

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