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If you’ve been in the automobile hobby for a while and maybe have a restoration or two under your belt, you probably understand the difficulty in finding a reputable shop that can transform your dreams into reality. You’ve also probably heard horror stories where automotive dreams have become lasting nightmares. Fortunately, word travels fast with the good shops surviving and the bad, hopefully not lasting through the night. Harbor Auto Restorations is one of those amazing shops, with word-of-mouth advertising as their primary connection to folks in the hobby. In fact, they’ve been turning dreams into reality for more than three decades. Headquartered in their spacious, 20,000 square foot facility in Rockledge, Florida the family owned and operated business turns out award winning creations on a regular basis. Versatile, they are able to rebuild foreign, domestic, custom, original, prewar, and postwar, specializing in vehicles made prior to 1975.

    Owners Bill and Frank Tetro grew up around cars, working in the family gas stations, building cars for themselves at a young age, and later creating cars for their friends. Before long, they were fortunate enough to turn their hobby into a business, established in 1983. Frank Tetro explained another element of the shop’s success. While auto auctions on television show hundreds of vehicles changing hands after just a minute or two, there is also a distinct, ‘buyer beware’ feeling about purchasing something at auction. Frank says many high quality vehicles are now changing hands directly between collectors where the authenticity and provenance of the vehicle can be verified. As a result, collectors have become one of the biggest source of Harbor Auto Restoration vehicles with Frank noting that he and his team have roughly a five year waiting list. Cars arrive from around the country and around the world, with customers as far apart as Newfoundland and Dubai. Almost every phase of the build is done in-house with the exception of engines and interiors. Both are subcontracted to trusted experts who have been working with HAR for decades.

Proof of their talent is easy to see, with plaques lining the walls of their offices, showing the numerous magazine features garnered over the years. With literally thousands of competition victories and awards to their credit, they have the talent and equipment to transform your favorite ride into a winner. Learn more at www.harbor-auto.com

Article and Photos by Joe Greeves

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