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We doubt that young Jeff Lane had any long range plans when he restored his first car, a 1955 MG TF. The teenager was simply enamored of a cool car that would provide some genuinely cool transportation. The restoration became an indelible experience however, one that would lead the young enthusiast to begin collecting cars over the years. When the number reached 40, his collection became the basis for the Lane Motor Museum in Nashville Tennessee, established in 2002. Now serving as Director of the Museum, Lane continues to search out cars that are technologically significant or uniquely different, preserving automotive history for future generations. The vast majority are European cars and almost all are in running order. Most have been restored to near original specifications. The 40,000 sq ft. of open display space includes one of the tiniest vehicles in the collection, a Peel P50.  The 53-inch long vehicle is listed in the Guinness World Records as the “Smallest Street-Legal Car.” One of the largest vehicles in the collection is an amphibious Army  LARC-LX with four engines, one for each of the nine foot tall wheels. Then of course there is the Helicron, a propeller-driven vehicle built in France in 1932. The engine drives the propeller which pulls the vehicle down the road. And yes, it even carries a Tennessee license plate! There are more than 400 cars in the collection and since each has its own fascinating story, we don’t have nearly enough room to tell them all, so we will simply caption and each car and you can access the website for full details. 


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12/01/2017 (12/01/2017)
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