How To Pack Trailer Bearings for Improved Performance

In today’s tough economic times consumers are spending more wisely and preserving what they already own. This is especially true when it comes to automobiles and equipment. Consumers are closely scrutinizing their purchases to ensure their hard-earned dollars are being spent wisely. By extending the life of an engine, a transmission and or any other moving part, consumers can save money on maintenance. 

Vehicles are dependent on lubrication. There’s only a thin film preventing catastrophic mechanical failure. Prolong Super Lubricants® doesn’t manufacture motor oil, but rather a diverse line of lubricants intended for both automotive and industrial use. Prolong’s website includes multiple pages describing the various products they produce; each one has a specific purpose.

Prolong specializes in lubrication, protection and efficiency. Natural lubrication and protection go hand-in-hand when considering an oil or lubricant to use on vehicles and equipment, but what about efficiency? The Prolong Extreme Performance EP-2 Multi-Purpose Grease is formulated with the company’s Anti-Friction Metal Treatment (AFMT) technology to provide lubrication and protection under severe loads and pressures. What does this mean? This lubricant resists shearing at the molecular level where lubricants start to fail and cease to be effective protecting against metal to metal damage.  

This has tremendous advantages over other lubricants that don’t afford the same technology. In this article Prolong Extreme Performance EP-2 Multi-Purpose Grease was used on a set of wheel bearings for a tandem axle trailer. The trailer has seen tens of thousands of miles its lifespan as a hauler for a shifter kart team. Naturally the bearings had been serviced several times and repacked with conventional grease, but this time around we used the Prolong EP-2 Grease to yield some benefit over the long haul.

The owner of the trailer is a professional shifter kart racer that races in a tightly regulated series that limits the power output of these little rockets. Normally the deciding factor in any race is the suspension setup and driver skill – in a perfect world. Enter Prolong Super Lubricants and cue the drum roll. The trailer wheel bearings were repacked with Prolong EP-2 Multi-Purpose Grease, and we lubricated all of the steering gear and spindles on the kart as well. The philosophy was that if the kart was limited on power, why not increase the efficiency of the power by making the kart easier to roll and steer? Less friction equates to more power converted to speed and lower ETs. 

Additionally, since many races are held rain or shine, the wheel bearings and steering components – which are constantly exposed to elements – are better protected against corrosion. All of these attributes were made just in time for a trip from Florida to Ontario, Canada and will save the race team on maintenance so they can focus on winning. 

The shifter kart racer’s successful experience with Prolong EP-2 Grease is just one example of how the grease can be used. Additional uses can include lubrication on CV joints, release bearings and linkages. Not only does this super lubricant greatly reduce the chances of metal on metal contact and subsequent mechanical failure, but it also prevents corrosion and oxidation. 

Prolong’s EP-2 Grease is a versatile product that, much like a multi-tip screwdriver, is an invaluable addition to any garage. 


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