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If you’ve just bought a new truck, there’s a good chance you’ll want to buy a bed liner. If you’re like me, you don’t like making this decision without doing a little research first. I initially had a Bed Rug installed in my 2016 F-250. All the reviews were great and at first it seemed to be fine.

I go to swap meets each month and the plastic totes I use are filled with HEAVY parts and magazines. I was used to lifting them up onto the tailgate and sliding them forward. However, they did not slide very well on the Bed Rug. I had to climb up into the bed and lift them up as I moved them forward. Giving to the fact that I was born with short legs and now getting up in years (soon to be 69) this proved to be a tiresome and back-breaking task. 

Recently my neighbor came by to pick up some parts with his “new” truck. It had a Line-X Spray In Bedliner. The boxes slid forward and were easy to manage. This was all I needed to see, I wanted a Line-X Spray In Bedliner in my F-250! I contacted Brian, owner of Line-X of Sarasota and scheduled an installation. 

Expect your installation to cost somewhere between $400 and $800 dollars. Prices at the higher end should include extras like color matching, additional surface spraying, or special UV protectants. 

Line-X Liners

LINE-X® has long been known for tough, nearly indestructible spray-on bedliners. What many people don’t know is that because LINE-X is a spray-on protective coating, it can be applied to almost anything. 

LINE-X protective coatings have been used to safeguard bridges, farm equipment, construction equipment, boats, trailers and much more. LINE-X coatings are specialized, high-performance spray-on elastomeric coatings engineered for maximum durability and limitless application potential. Because LINE-X Protective Coatings form permanent bonds at the molecular level, they have excellent adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces. Whether applied to metal, fiberglass, concrete, plastic, or wood, LINE-X can absorb impact and resist damage by remaining both flexible and strong, without losing adhesion. Thanks to research and product testing in both harsh real-world and laboratory conditions, LINE-X has found chemical combinations that result in specialized attributes and applications. Adaptable and resilient, some of these coatings are rated for fire safety and approved for use in potable water applications.

LINE-X® treatment is professionally applied at high pressure and high temperatures, bonding instantly and permanently to your truck. Made from a two-part polyurethane elastomer system, LINE-X uses equal parts of an “A” component, or hardener, and a “B” component, or resin.

Line-X spray on bedliners originated in the early 1990’s and today Line-X leads the bedliner market in sales and customer satisfaction. Line-X is applied to truck beds, utility bodies, jeeps, vans, trailers, and marine applications. Line-X nationwide recently celebrated the spraying of over 2 million bedliners and counting!

Line X of Bradenton and Sarasota is independently owned and operated by Brian Londeree. In 2000 he started his first Line-X franchise in Vail Colorado. Built from the ground up it has let him focus on the core of what Line-X is all about- consistent quality and great customer service! Building a quality reputation enabled him to sell the franchise to move to sunny Florida. April 1st 2005 he opened his doors to the public and local dealerships. They have coated over 7,000 truck beds since their opening, and coated countless marine applications and light industrial jobs. Brian take pride in the fact that Line-X of Sarasota is a small family owned company, and feels strongly that every customer should be completely satisfied with all work that is coated with Line-X! Line-X also offers truck bed liners a lifetime warranty valid nationwide, the best warranty in the industry! Line-X of Sarasota also offers the phenomenal Line-X Xtra fortified with Dupont Kevlar! They can spray your projects in Black Kevlar, or color match any shade you can possibly think of including metallic and flat colors! In 2007 his shop won the national award for spaying more Line-X Kevlar bedliners than any other franchise in the United States!

Brian also take great pride in his experienced spray technicians. Alberto, Mike, & Cody have coated thousands of trucks, marine applications, and commercial and industrial jobs, so you can rest easy that your expensive truck, boat, trailer or van will be left in the most capable of hands!

Brian invites all customers to come by his shop in Bradenton and meet with them personally to see firsthand the difference between Line-X and the competition! They also offer free pick up and delivery, and are open on Saturdays. Installation of truck beds takes 2-3 hours depending if you receive the Kevlar topcoat. Utility bodies take 4 hours to complete, Jeeps take a day for installation, and boats can take anywhere from 1 to 4 days to complete depending on the job. 

Info on Surface preparation:

1. Chemical etch. This is the lowest quality preparation method.

2. ScotchBrite scuff prep. This is the most common form of surface preparation.

3. Hand sand block. In some ways, this is a step above the ScotchBrite prep process.

4. Power sanding with dual action sander. This is the best prep process there is and this is how Line-X of Sarasota does it!

Let’s get on with the installation. Line-X of Sarasota is located at 5115 15th St E. Bradenton FL. They have a new showroom that they’re in the process of updating with samples of the products they sell and service – Pic 1.

Here’s a shot of the bed before any work is started – Pic 2. After tailgate is removed (NAME) is removing Pick-up Bed Bolts – Pic 3.

A tape is applied to follow the contour shape where the bedliner will end. The tape has a fine wire in it. After the bedliner is applied and dries you pull off the tape and the wire neatly cuts the edge of the liner for a great finished cut line – Pic 4.

Just like a “Paint” job you need to mask off the edges – Pic 5&6. Let the “Fun” er Sanding begin. Here (NAME) is using a DA to scuff the surface of the bed so the spray liner grips and makes a perfect bond – Pic 7-9. Let’s not forget the tailgate. Notice that the access panel has been removed. It is sprayed separately so it can be easily installed and removed in the future – Pic 10. (NAME) jumps in to help finish the scuffing of the bed – Pic 11. Scuffing is done and now truck awaits being placed in the spray booth – Pic 12. Once inside the spray booth the entire bed needs to be wiped down and cleaned of any sanding residue – Pic 13. After a relatively fast stay in the spray booth the truck is pulled out and ready for all masking tape and paper to be removed – Pic 14. 

CSM would highly recommend Line-X of Sarasota! But don’t just take our word for it... These are some of the reviews posted on Google by satisfied customers.

• “By far a superior product being installed by awesome team of professionals.” Jason Austin

• “Outstanding service. The employees and the owner are great examples of how a small business succeeds. The quality of the work is perfect. Tom Heidel

• “Brian and Mike and his crew are good people to work with.” Brian Wisniewski

• “Great Company! Friendly staff and their work is always flawless! I would recommend their services to all of my friends and family!” Lauren Tholen

• “These guys always do a great job. They work hard to make their customers happy.” C. Flenard


Line-X of Sarasota

5115 15th St E


18 years of customer service!


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