Maradyne® High Performance Fans


Maradyne® offers several efficient, universal thermostatic control options that provide automatic, temperature-based fan operation of the company’s quality universal electric cooling fan products as well as other fan brands.

            To operate most single or dual electric radiator fans according to engine water temperature, Maradyne has developed three main wiring harness kit options, all featuring temperature switches and relays, heavy 14-gauge wire harnesses, weatherproof fuses, and electrical connectors.  The first kit, MFA100, provides automatic fan operation with an adjustable range of 30 to 240 degrees. The MFA102 harness kit is designed with a 185-degree temperature switch, and MFA103 features a 195-degree temperature switch. 

            For vehicles operating air conditioning, Maradyne recommends the addition of MFA101, an A/C harness with relay kit. This supplemental kit is designed to operate the electric fan when the compressor clutch is engaged and connects to the main harness to automatically turn the fan on for effective air conditioning performance. MFA101 includes heavy gauge wire harness, relay, fuse and electrical connections.

            Maradyne’s Dual Fan Adapter kit MFA111 is designed for dual electric cooling fan applications. This kit integrates into MFA100, 102 or 103, with the addition of MFA101 when air conditioning is being used.

            All Maradyne wiring harnesses, accessories and universal cooling fans are designed, engineered and manufactured for dependable, long-lasting performance.

Maradyne® High Performance Fans



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