Maxx Power Tri-Flow Aluminum Radiators


            The Eastwood Company, has just introduced a new line of Maxx Power Tri-Flow Aluminum Radiators that reduce engine water temperatures up to 24F. The line consists of three universal mount radiators that pass coolant through the radiator core two times more than conventional radiators. This provides two additional passes in front of the cooling fan which results in additional cooling.

            Overheating is a common issue on engines with power adders, when running a stock cooling system. Aftermarket aluminum radiators help with overheating, but may not solve the problem. Eastwood offers three sizes of Tri-Flow Radiators to fit most muscle cars and street rods - 19”H x 22”W x 2.2”D, 19”H x 25.5”W x 2.2”D, and 19”H x 27.5W x 2.2D. The universal design with mount tabs welded to each tank and a traditional upper 1.5 inch inlet installed on the driver side and lower 1.75 inch outlet on the passenger side make this ideal for muscle cars, street rods, pro touring, and more. It also has 1/4 inch NPT welded bungs with Stainless Steel plugs, one located in the bottom driver side tank for a drain and the other under the radiator cap frame for an LS steam port or temp sensor for electric fan controller. Fully TIG welded 6061 aluminum tanks and core assure long life and leak free seams.

            In addition to the new radiators, Eastwood is offering aluminum shrouds, Derale electric fans, transmission coolers and fan controllers. The aluminum shrouds feature a hardware-less mounting design for a full custom look.


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02/16/2018 (02/16/2018)
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