Mom's '38

This beautiful street rod is owned by David & Linda McGlathery of White Oak Texas. This ‘38 Chevy is well known in the East Texas, Louisiana area and beyond. David and Linda have traveled many, many miles to various car shows and functions for several years in this street rod. It has won several awards in almost every show that they’ve attended.

David used to be involved in modified racing, with a ‘58 Corvette. He and Linda, having decided that they wanted to do something more family oriented; became deeply involved with street rods, car shows and rod runs. They have been happily doing this since the early ‘80s.

To quote David and Linda in their own words: “I was involved in drag racing in the ‘70s and early ‘80s. In 1984 my wife Linda and I went to a street rod show. We saw a 1938 Chevy couple and that started our own new life of fun, rod runs and swap meets for cars and car parts. The next day I picked up a newspaper and there it was, a 1938 Chevy coupe for sale. 

The next week we bought our Chevy from a man by the name of Donald Pate that we have made a friend for a lifetime. Our car was in primer. This was in 1984. I took it off the frame. When we got through I had changed every nut and bold on the car.

I built a 283 Chevy motor and 350 trans that we used for almost 10 years. A friend, Chuck Abbott, came over to my shop and did the body work which took a long time, because we replaced all the parts that needed to be replaced. After Chuck finished, I painted the car flame red poly. Then came the interior, in which a friend, Roger Carroll, did that.

In 1988 we went to our first rod run. We went to Good Guys Lone Star Nationals at South Fork Ranch in Plano, TX. After that, we were hooked. In 2004 our car needed an update. We had already installed a 350 crate motor and 700 trans. We were in Mena, Arkansas at a rod run, and we parked by a 1937 Chevy with a top that had been chopped. I looked at it and I decided right then it was time for a new look for our Chevy. I found the owners of the car, Mary Beth and Jerry Norman. They are now good friends. He gave me some information and I went to work taking our car apart.

In November 2004 we took it to T D’s paint and body shop in Mineola, TX. He chopped the top 2 1/2 inches, shaved the trunk and door handles and added a one-piece hood. The flames only front fenders and hood were done by Ben Beebes custom paint in Kilgore, TX. Roger Caroll, of Caroll’s vinyl care of White Oak, Texas, did the interior with tan cloth and ultra leather. 

We tried to go to all of the national events that we can. We go to Louisville, Kentucky every year. We also go to all of the local events that we can. We have made so many friends through street rodding. Every time we go to the local Rod Run, it’s like a big family reunion. 

By the way, if you see this street rod going Down the Hwy, honk and wave. It has a Texas personal license plate with mom’s ‘38 on it. My wife’s name is Linda, but better known as mom.”

We have seen this unique street rod at many car shows, rod runs and cruise-ins. It always garners lots of attention and usually awards at these events. Personally, I think it is one of the most beautiful street rods I have ever saying. I love the body style, paint, flame combination.

The aforementioned drive train sends the power to a Ford 8 inch 3:00 to 1 ratio rear end. Rear suspension has a Chassis Engineering Incorporated rear spring kit and rear end mounting kit. Wheels are 17X8 front and rear with KMC 5 spoke custom chrome wheels. Kumho tires are front and rear.

The exterior paint is PPG brand Vanilla Shake. There is a one-piece headliner and an overhead console and also a custom-made backseat. The car did not come with a backseat.

This car has won many awards at local and national events. I personally have seen many people and judges giving this street rod much more than just a passing glance. Some of the more notable awards are The National St., Rod Association safety awards, 2007 SW. St. Rod Nationals N.S.R.A. representative pick in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 2009 S. West St., Rod Nationals pavement pounder, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and the LSSRA 2010 Directors Choice, Fredericksburg, Texas.

If you ever attend any car shows or rod runs in the East Texas, Louisiana area or national meets; look for this one-of-a-kind ‘38 Chevy. Be sure to check out the graphics of “Mom’s ‘38” on the trunk lid. David and Linda are fine people, and they will be glad to tell you about their pride and joy.


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