Mopars VS The World Car Show

Mopars VS The World Car Show

The South West Florida Mopar club presented their Mopars VS the World car show which was held on Saturday January 28, 2017 at the Muscle Car City Museum.  MCC is where the South West Florida Mopar club holds their monthly club meetings on the 1st Tuesday of each month.  The car show was held at 3811 Tamiami Trail Punta Gorda Florida starting at 9:00am until 1:00pm.  Registration for this event was $15.00 per vehicle and even though it was a Mopar event all classic, roadster, muscle car, bike or hot rod of any make or model where invited.  Everyone had a chance at getting a handmade trophy made by the clubs president Al Chamberlin.  He had about 32 judge’s choice trophies and 8 best of show in class.  Each had a part from an engine mounted to the base; I’m assuming a lot of engines bit the dust to make all these awards. 

Besides the trophies they had other giveaways, door prizes, 50/50, and music and announcements by “Toms Traveling Tunes.”  Dash plaques were given to the first 100 registered cars.  They had over 200 cars at last year’s event and I’m sure they had that many or more this year.  I never saw so many newer Dodge Challengers at any event and 2 or 3 were Hellcats, with around 20 total Challengers, and then around noon 6 newer model Challengers showed with one mustang down from the Sarasota area, with one white and one black Hellcat.  The only thing that was not in attendance was any new Dodge Charger Hellcats.

The club had coffee and sweet rolls for early arrivals, but you could go inside to have a complete breakfast at the Museums inside dinner.  My buddy Russ and I went inside to get warm as the temperature was only around 50 degrees in the morning hours.  The day started out rather cold with a cold front coming into our area and that 20 mile an hour wind sure did not help, making the wind chill feel even colder than the actual 50 degrees it was, by noon the sun did come out with temperatures rising closer to 70 and with no rain yet it was a great day for a car show.  Rick Treworgy the owner of Muscle Car City was driving around the lot in his golf cart as he always does looking at all the cars in attendance.

There were a lot of great looking cars but a 1969 Hugger Orange Yenko clone owned by Mike Hachey really stood out, as it would be in the $250K price range if it was a real Yenko, but Mike did get a trophy for his cloning efforts.  

There was a last year of production run of a brand new 2017 lime green Viper owned by a young lady who told me she had the entire car completely wrapped in clear to protect that Vipers Lime Green finish.  

There was a nice 1978 Dodge Aspen R/T Sport Pak which the owner Dawn Umans calls Baby.  Baby 1 of 20 from Dodge that was given to the “King” Richard Petty, for returning to Nascar and driving for Dodge.  Richard gave this car to his niece.  Dawn Uman is now the legal 2nd owner; the car was stolen and later found and has gone through a 3 year restoration.  If you want to see all the cars next year put the Mopars Vs the World on your list.

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