Mother Thumpin '34

Howard Wilson, from Port Orange, Florida owns this beautiful Viper Yellow 1934 Roadster Highboy. It’s his first attempt at building a Hot Rod, but has always worked at resurrecting various vehicles, just never a hot rod.

It is a Show Me body (out of Missouri) with a Fat Cat chassis. A dropped 4 inch I beam handles the steering. The motor is an Eight Ball Flathead (286 cu in) with a Scat Rotating assembly. Two 97 Stromberg’s give it life on an offenhauser manifold and nail head heads. It’s got a competition cam (Mother Thumper) and a Tremec 5 speed trans. which transfers all the power to the Ford 8” rear end.

Disc brakes at all four corners as well as Coy’s 15” wheels shod with Firestone 145R15 (front) and Goodrich P285/70R15’s (out back) covers the rolling stock.

Tony’s Upholstery in Edgewater is responsible for the Brown pleated leather interior. Electronic gauges, Peterbuilt headlights as well as an electric trunk rounds out all the rest of the necessary details. Robin Henry helps Howard out with things and is responsible for the unique Burl Wood Dash.

  Howard tried his hand for several years (5 actually) at the Oval Dirt Track scene in upper New York State’s half-mile tracks. He is “about 90%” responsible for every thing on this car, as he took about one and a half years to finish it – mostly working part-time on it!

This ’34 has all the right “stuff”- from the period Flathead Motor and loud exhaust to the bright eye-popping paint. You’d almost think Howard was ready to put on a fresh set of grooved rear meats and start making those left hand turns, kicking up dirt - all over again!

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