Muscle Car City’s monthly Car Show

On May 21, 2016 Russ Lansky and I took his brand new 2016 Dodge Challenger Hellcat to Muscle Car City’s every third Saturday car show, lasting from 9am-1pm.  It was a nice day but very, very hot out, especially on that black asphalt.  I ran around trying to take pictures of all the cars in attendance until Russ said lets go inside and get something to eat as he was really getting hungry

Tom’s Traveling Tunes was there to entertain with his music, trivia, and 50/50 drawing, plus trophies were awarded to the top six choice entries, and anyone can win one of those six trophies.  Since we had to wait until 12:30pm to hear who won the 50/50 as Russ had bought $10.00 worth of 50/50 tickets, and of course  the first number drawn was not Russ, but the winner did win $133.oo his share of the 50/50 with the other half going to charity. By hanging around for the trophy drawings we found that Jamie Trudeau who had built a Rat Rod his classification, from a Jet trainer plane into a car was the most unusual vehicle at the show and defiantly a deserved trophy winner.  He said the car was powered by a 454 engine and looking in to the driver’s seat area I saw the car was steered by a tiller stick instead of a steering wheel.

The next trophy winner was Russ Lansky’s 2016 Dodge Hellcat; naturally Russ’s day was made, first show ever and a trophy WOW.  I did see the owner of Muscle Car City Rick Treworgy driving around in his golf cart with his daughter but did not get a chance to talk with him.  I would have liked to have asked him why he has not moved to his new location located about a mile south of his current location, which has been in the works for some time now.  I did get to ask Tommy of Tom’s Traveling Tunes that question and he said Rick would like to first find someone to take on his present location with a lease so that the property does not sit empty.  Going inside gave us a chance to eat at the 1960 style dinner and get away from the intense outside heat and  enjoy the air-conditioning.

Once inside you can visit one of the largest GM Muscle Car displays in the nation! Admission is $12.50 for an adult one time pass.  Muscle Car City is a 99,000 square foot museum with well over 200 vintage ’50s to early ’70s muscle cars.  Rick has managed to maintain and collect one or more Corvette of each year from 1954 – 1975 and several of each series from 1975 – 2006. They also have a Hot Rod & Speed Shop and if you are looking for parts for your Muscle Car, Hot Rod, Swamp Buggy, or Drag Racing car come into Muscle Car City’s Hot Rod & Speed Shop.  But what is most unexpected is the large gift shop and memorabilia store that sits next to the diner. It is open from 9 am to 5 pm. The store is one of the largest memorabilia stores in our area. It also has an array of family items. There are toys for the children and tons of bling for the women. They also have a car corral with Rick’s cars and will also try and sell your car on consignment.

All in all we had a great day and I would like to share some of the pictures I did take at this show.

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