New Blackbox Relay System

            Relays serve many important roles in the modern world. In particular, they are essential to controlling loads and automating various vehicle components within today’s automotive electrical systems. Their use is ubiquitous within the automotive industry for their wide range of uses and integration capabilities.


            With this in mind, Ron Francis Wiring has developed their new “BlackBox Relay System.” This fully programmable state-of-the-art relay package allows full control of the 10 individual, relayed circuits in one cohesive unit. It’s possible to decide how the power is distributed, such as to power windows, door locks, fuel or water pumps, and more. It’s capable of positive or ground triggering, and reverse polarity. With 20 amps per circuit, the BlackBox is even capable of stacking the relays to handle large loads, such as for large cooling fans. All from a simple, intuitive button-selection interface.

            The endless possibilities coupled with the simplicity the Blackbox Relay System offers received lots of attention at the recent 2014 SEMA Show in Las Vegas where it won the coveted “Best New Street Rod/Custom Car Product” award. But as you have come to expect from Ron Francis Wiring, they have taken things a step further. A Bluetooth module to allow remote control and programming will be available in Spring 2015 for both iPhone and Android applications.

Ron Francis Wiring


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02/16/2018 (02/16/2018)
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