Old School Max-Fire Distributors      

Mallory’s Max-Fire Distributor hides its electronic capacitive discharge ignition all within the housing, eliminating the need to mount a box on the fire wall. Each distributor comes with everything needed to install

      The Mallory Max-Fire distributor combines the simple good looks of an “old school” distributor with the state-of-the-art performance of modern electronic capacitive discharge (CD) ignition. Rather than clutter a clean engine bay with external boxes and modules, Mallory hid all the electronics and advanced features inside the distributor’s CNC-machined billet aluminum body. Max-Fire generates multiple sparks for more than 20 degrees at low engine speeds to deliver better throttle response, quicker acceleration and cleaner burning spark plugs. Compatible with all types of induction, the distributor is equipped with a 3 BAR MAP sensor, effective up to 30 PSI of boost, to perform both vacuum advances and boost retard.

      The Max-Fire distributor also offers enthusiasts and racers alike the tunability of full electronic timing control, with simple adjustment of virtually every ignition parameter. Users can choose from seven preprogrammed ignition advance curves or create their own. Simply adjust boost proportional retard or set a single stage rev limiter from any Windows-based laptop.


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