Pyrate Buggy

It all started about in 1999 I bought my first Muscle car a 1971 GTO convertible. I was not satisfied so I took and made a clone of a 1971 GTO Judge complete with the 455 HO ram air, hood tach, whale fin and decals. That was it I got the fever. I have since had 1970 AAR Cuda, 1956 4x4 Chevy pick-up on a k2500 frame, a 1977 CJ7 Jeep with 525 H.P. on 42”boggers. Cars I currently own: still have the GTO, 1976 Greenwood Corvette, 1941 Panel Van, and a 1970 Manx Dune Buggy. Which brings us to our Buggy story.

I own a company called Bearings and Powertransmission (not Automotive,) Industrial - I supply Conveyor parts. I got a call from one of my customers in Okeechobee he needed a bearing identified. I got to the customers place he said I needed to climb, the bearing is at the top of the Silo so off I went 65’ up. While up there I looked around off to the East I saw a bunch of old cars. This sparked the car enthusiast in me. As soon as I got down quoted the customer got a nice order and thank him and took off to find this Holy Grail of cars. The location was only about 2 miles from my customer. As soon as I pulled in the gate there sat three 1970 Cadillac’s one a convertible Eldorado. I went inside and ask if I could walk around wow 1966 Thunderbird, 1955 Chevy, 1970 Roadrunner wrecked all the cars were projects. While walking around I saw some headlights sticking out of some bushes I went into the bushes and there it was a 1970 Manx Dune Buggy. I went inside ask the owner to come out I had found a car. When I showed him what I wanted he laughed and said really. I asked the price then asked if he had title he said yes and I made the deal.

I got it home the next week and started a two-year process. I first removed the body and sent it to a shop (friend) next motor I found a newly rebuilt 1600cc in Daytona. The shop where I purchased my Vette. I ask him how much and would he take some off if I give him my motor. We settled on a price this was not your standard 1600cc this one had a Cam I estimate about bought a engine dress up kit a month later the motor was ready for pick up. The next part of the project platform (frame) wire brushing and sanding the Rustoleum flat black platform done. Replaced Velocity joints in the rear and new brakes and bearings front and back. Then bought some killer rims and tires the platform is ready. Time to mount the motor hope it matches the Transmission presto the motor is hooked up. I removed the seat brackets wire brushed and painted remounted them. I bought boat seats fit perfect. I called my buddy about the Body he said it is in really rough shape. I went over to see if I could help he gladly accepted we wet sanded and fiberglass filler for 4 months had to reexcite (my definition for dead fiberglass) Finally we are getting somewhere time to see what will happen when we prime everything went smooth four coats of primer and a lot more wet sanding and blocking. We were now satisfied with the prime. The first coat of paint was a color called Rootbeer now it is starting to look like something, 6 months later and a lot of air brushing the body is complete. Picked up the body called all my buddies and ask them to come over it is now time to set the body. I must say it was a smooth job. I had removed the gas tank from the front and with a little engineering I mounted a barrel gas tank. The big day arrives battery hooked up gas lines hooked ignition hooked up time to hold your breath turn the key fired off first time. It is time to celebrate the Buggy lives again. 

I own another company called Piratelife I bought this buggy for Pirate Festivals. I looked at it was plain looking so to Pirate it out. I started with back to the paint shop paint the gas tank like a barrel of rum. The next was fun off to Ebay bought lots of skulls got them mounted the buggy is complete new name PYRATE BUGGY.  When I take it out it is amazing the attention it gets. Pyrate buggy has only done one show since being on the road for a year the Fort Myers Pirate Festival. We will be doing more shows this year can’t wait to take it to a car show. The end of Labor of Love.  

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