Rescued “Pound Puppy”


Rescued “Pound Puppy”  Photos and text by Gary Rosier


Charlie Carnes of New Smyrna Beach, Florida owns this 1965 Ford Falcon 2 dr sedan. He calls it his rescued “Pound Puppy” because in 1991 he bought this car from a private party. It had sat abandoned, neglected in every way, but Charlie saw something he had always dreamed about. His vision and love of the 60’s and early gassers and A/FX cars led him down this path.


The car was originally equipped with a 6 cylinder and “three on the tree”. Rescued for the partly sum of $300, it had misc NOS parts thrown in too. He also acquired an ‘85 Mercury Capri which had been wrecked but donated the carbureted 5.0 motor and a 5 speed! The build was on!


Charlie had always built his own motors, adding several motors to this car from 289’s to a 390 with dual quads. All told, he has about 11 motors from the 289 all the way to a 428 Cobra Jet, a 427 and others lye scattered about his shop. He had some ideas on a motor build but decided it was time to let someone else build it, so he farmed out the work and created this current (but not yet permanent!) configuration of a small block Ford 347 stroker motor with a custom “one off” cam design that was handled by Crane Cams in Daytona Beach.


The motor features such items as a Scat rotating assembly, custom flat top pistons (9.85:1), World Products iron heads, which have been heavily ported and polished by the way, shaft mount rockers and 750 double pumper Holley carb on a Victor Jr. intake manifold with forced air duct-work like the early and renown Thunderbolt Fords of the day.

Fiberglass “427” high-rise hood, doors (they weigh 15 lbs each!), deck-lid, bumpers and fenders complete the desired retro like build. The 8pt cage was installed back in ‘91. The owner built/designed & operable rear Deist ‘chute was installed recently. All side glass is plexi too. Race buckets with ACI race harness, Autometer guages, Rocket 10-spoke 15x4” fronts and  15x7” wheel vintage mounted Firestone cheater slicks (8.20x15) round out the go-fast era goodies!

Not satisfied yet with his gasser look, Charlie ordered up a straight axle from Speedway Motors in 2008 and installed it. NOW he was on to something he said! A Detroit locker with 3:70 gears and Thunderbolt lift bars completed the drive-train. He doesn’t drag race it - just wanted “The look” and see and be seen feel to it as he cruises to all the local cars shows and cruise-ins around the area. And by the way - yes he does “pound it” occasionally, including making a pass with the “laundry” hanging out at speed! It’s one fine ride “Charley”, and whether a “ground Pounder” or 


“Pound Puppy”, we really are digging it!


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