Rich and Karen Waters of Ormond Beach, Florida own this 1965 GT 350 Mustang. Found languishing out west, it was Rich’s desire and his mothers wishes upon her passing, that he pursue a GT 350 like he once owned and drove everyday (1966-1969). He was able to track down this one that was in need of a complete (frame-on) rebuild. It had been wrecked, burned, abondoned and left to die but Rich had other ideas. A restorer was located in California, close to where the car was located, and the resurrection was on!

According to, 28% of the 562 cars produced by Shelby American (first in Venice Beach then later at the LA International Airport) were equiped with the “Le Mans” stripes on top. ALL GT 350’s in ‘65 were painted Wimbleton White and had Guardsman Blue rocker stripes. These cars originally began life as 4-speed-9 inch live rear axle “bodies in white” and were shipped to Shelby American from the Ford plant in San Jose, CA. Here they also received a high rise manifold, fiberglass hood, Tri-Y headers and larger Ford Galaxie rear drum brakes and Kelsey-Hayes front disc brakes to name just a few of the changes. (Most all GT 350’s had their Blue stripes added by the dealers across the top of the cars).

These cars were featured as this one is with side exit dual-exhausts and glass pack mufflers. Also, a full size spare was mounted in place of the rear seat, making it a 2 seat only vehicle as required by SCAA regulations to race as a “sports car”.

Rich’s car also has the trunk mounted battery (#001-#338 had this), then the remainder went back to front mounted battery’s, mostly because of complaints of fumes from the batteries coming into the passenger compartment. He then added for comfort and driveability (re: his wife!) A/C, power steering and power brakes. 

The engine was rebuilt using 10-1 pistons and a 650 Holley and Koni shocks, headers and 3:55 gears rounded out some of the other goodies. All of the interior too was refurbished with the existing GT 350 interior pieces or NOS parts. It rolls on American Wheels like he had at that time complete with the “Cobra” Shelby emblems on P215-60R15’s.

In many of the pictures, the Ormond Garage is in the background,                                  (, which was home to many racers and record setting attempts on the nearby sands of Daytona Beach (Circa 1903). Burned to the ground in 1976, we were priveledged to use this as a backdrop by the Ormond Beach Historical Society and a reminder that here are two resurrected, well represented, reminders of an era of Speed and History which shall be forever remembered, talked about and favored. Rich can only say “Thanks Mom” for the memories, cherrished times and opportunity to relive such golden times!

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