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SEMA, The Specialty Equipment Market Association is the largest gathering of automotive professionals in the world. Their annual trade show, held in the 2,000,000 square feet Las Vegas Convention Center saw a 7% increase over last year making it the largest SEMA show in history. Organizers reported that more than 126,000 credentials were issued prior to the event with thousands more processed on site. There were more than 2300 exhibiting companies on the show floor displaying anything and everything that you could want to personalize your vehicle. Exhibitors submitted more than 2000 entries into the New Products Showcase, giving show goers a glimpse of what will enhance the styling, comfort, convenience, and safety of cars and trucks in the future. Multiple seminars with industry leaders, hundreds of cool custom vehicles, major automotive celebrities and even American Idol winner Taylor Hicks added to the fun. Hundreds of media professionals covered the event (including Cruisin’ Style!), spreading the word by writing about the show and highlighting the hottest new products.

Bring comfortable shoes if SEMA is on your next year’s schedule. It’s a four-day event with exhibits that use every inch of the sprawling Las Vegas Convention Center, meaning you will be lucky to see it all before the doors close on Friday. If this is your first time, you will find that the show has a Disney Land quality about it, delighting the true enthusiast at every turn. Whatever automotive item you wanted to see, whatever part you needed to buy, there was someone at the show who had it, and it was probably available in colors. Customized pickup trucks, cars, motorcycles, and SUVs glistened under the lights while showcasing their sponsor’s products. Major manufacturers like Ford, Chevy, and Chrysler had huge displays, generally with concept vehicles that pulled crowds in like ants to a picnic. And, speaking of picnics, even the food was great at the dozen kiosks and cafes within the complex.

If you’re into automobiles and can finesse some credentials, set aside the first week in November and make SEMA a priority on your next year’s calendar. It is an event that you will remember for a long time. A word of caution: get plenty of rest beforehand because as exciting as the SEMA show is, the Las Vegas nightlife can be even more strenuous (If you do it right!). 

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