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I do not believe the early pioneers of speed equipment could have ever imagined how big this industry would become. It was the Speed Equipment Manufacturers Association in the beginning and it all started as a loosely knit group of speed-equipment manufacturers who came together with a common interest. It first took place under the Dodger Stadium grandstands in 1967. In the 1970’s the association was changed to Specialty Equipment Market Association because it better described the companies involved. The show also moved to the Anaheim Convention Center and in 1977 relocated to the Las Vegas Convention Center where it is still held today. In 1992 SEMA join forces with the Automotive Service Industry, Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association and Automotive Parts & Accessories Association to form Automotive Aftermarket Industry Week. In the year 2000 SEMA added more events and features and has continued to do so ever since as well as set records year after year with attendance, the number of exhibitors participating and the amount of media covering the event. 

SEMA is the ultimate trade show and is not open to the general public. However in 2014 SEMA Ignited was launched and is the show after the show which the general public can attend just by purchasing a ticket to the event. Here the Battle of the Builders takes place along with many other features from SEMA. This year Cam Miller won the Battle of the Builders with a 1969 Camaro.

The new products show case just gets bigger and better every year. Many of the manufacturers have several new products that they have developed each year and some are first time exhibitors of their new products. In any case the aftermarket has a huge potential for growth and exhibitors network to make important contacts for future sales. The buyers are always on hand to pick up the next big trend for the following year and grow sales for their businesses. Some products to look for are Cosmichrome; this company will revolutionize the way things are chromed in the future. Race Ramps has such a versatile line of products that you need it and don’t even know it yet. The ultimate car jack and support system is Quick Jack, it is a well built but lightweight system that is portable and in a self contained unit.

The cars, trucks, Jeeps, motorcycles and pretty much anything else that has a motor is showcased at SEMA.  Many of these vehicles are extremely customized and over the top. Some are exceptional restored to perfection but whatever the case may be they all get your attention and bring many of the manufacturers products into the spotlight which is the goal. These vehicles are always the highlight of SEMA and there are hundreds of them on display for attendees to admire and study for future prospects.


If you are in the industry and truly want to make the most of your business then you should become a SEMA member. SEMA can help guide you and provide you with important information to grow your business and be successful. Check them out because you will be surprised how much more there is to this organization. They certainly go above and beyond to support and protect this industry. SEMA will continue to push the envelope into the future and one can only wait in anticipation to see what they do for the next fifty years.

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