Skyway Classics Car Show Cars and Hotcakes Morning Cruise

Skyway Classics Car Show Cars and Hotcakes Morning Cruise


On the first Saturday morning of every month Palmetto, FL, comes alive with vintage steel and modern muscle of all makes and models. Hosted at Skyway Classics, you’ll find high octane horsepower alongside classic originals as well as a few exotics. Long ‘55 Chevy Bel Airs with continental kits, ‘34 Ford street rods, supped up Challengers, modded Mustangs, and sporty Lotus’ just to name a few of the beautiful rides you’ll see here. Cars and Hotcakes are open to all makes and models and is free to participate. And, do you know what else is free? The coffee and hotcakes are! Free event coupled with free food! How can you go wrong?!

While spectators and enthusiast of all ages peruse the scene, Cadillac Jimmy spins the tunes of the classic rock n’ roll greats like Buddy Holly, The Supremes, Beach Boys, and Elvis. The event is spread out around and in between the multiple buildings which make up Skyway Classics; a vintage and classic car dealership. The buildings are open to the public during the morning cruise offering a view of their collection of exceptional automobiles, restoration facilities, and amenities. While looking over their inventory, we admired iconic vehicles like a 1950 Studebaker Champion which was most successful in their sales of this era. Another fabulous ride was a 1969 Plymouth 383 Road Runner in immaculate shape. How could I pass up the opportunity to drool over a 1970 Mustang Mach1 with a beefed up power plant.

Skyway Classics not only specializes in vintage cars, but they also offer services in modern specialty vehicles, too. A sales consultant will work with you to find the right car or truck that will meet your taste and budget. Additionally, Skyway Classics also offer consignments for those looking to place their special ride in a new home. Whichever is your goal, they want to make sure you’re needs are met with the upmost care.

Skyway Classics is located at 1800 14th Ave E, Palmetto, FL. The morning cruise runs from 9am to 12noon on the first Saturday morning of every month. Come out and enjoy some good hotcakes with some cool hot cars.

Until next time; see you on the streets!

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