Some car and truck shows need no introduction. When you have been entertaining enthusiasts for nearly a quarter of a century, everybody knows your name. The talented crew from MiniMadness came together way back in 1989 and they have been inviting thousands of extended family members to their annual get-together since 1991, the date of the first Slamfest. The event has grown over the years and developed a legendary following. Now in its 24th year, the fun and games that made this show famous are still as entertaining as ever.

The 2015 gathering was held in the Alachua County Fairgrounds in Gainesville Florida, a venue with plenty of display space for the 670 vehicles and the more than five thousand spectators enjoying the weekend camaraderie. On Saturday, everyone made the rounds, checking out the huge collection of cars, trucks, bikes, buggies, vendors, food trucks, pin stripers, kid’s rides, stereo competition, and more while the judges evaluated the rides. Afterparties Saturday night at multiple locations throughout the town extended the fun ‘til the wee small hours.

Allowing time for heads to clear, the events on Sunday didn’t begin until noon when the legendary Slamfest club games entertained the crowd and tested the players. Excitement of a different sort followed closely behind the games when more than two dozen beautiful ladies vied for the title of Miss Slamfest and a share of the $1000 cash prize. The afternoon award ceremony presented handcrafted trophies to the multiple ‘Best Of’ winners along with custom plaques to the Top 40. As part of their connection to the community, a portion of the proceeds from the annual event is always donated to a local charity, this year supporting the JROTC in Gainesville and the 2nd Chance Animal Re Homing and Rescue fund.  If you’d like to be part of the 2016, quarter century anniversary of this legendary show, get details at

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