T Time

T Time

Article and Photos by Aimee Charbeneau

I was on my way home from lunch Saturday, February 9th when I spotted a rare sight - a troop of “T’s” Parked in front of The Clean Plumber at 1454 N. Florida Ave. in Tampa. I decided to swing in and have a look-see. 

They were just packing up as I pulled in, so I only got a brief glimpse. Philip Maurici, the owner of the plumbing company gave me a copy of the newsletter of one of the two clubs he belongs to. They both decided to have their meeting at the same time at his place of business which has a nice parking lot and is close to restaurants and such. 

The newsletter is from The Suncoast T Club which is a chapter of the Model T Ford Club International and the Model T Ford Club of America. They can be reached at ModelT@SuncoastTClub.com. They have a lot of cruises and sometimes meet up with other car clubs to take one big tour. If you live in Tampa Bay you just may come across them from time to time. Growing up in Michigan, Model T’s were part of my upbringing. There was a man who lived in my neighborhood who had a convertible Model T and gave a ride around the elementary school to all the school kids. The car went about 10mph and had an Ooga horn. Every time he brought it out, hoards of kids would chase after him. It was so much fun! We also used to visit the Henry Ford Museum frequently as well as the Detroit Auto Show every year. My Dad and Uncles worked at GM and I got the privilege of seeing GM, Including the GM Tech center on the inside. Another Uncle worked as an engineer at Ford. Cars are in my blood, so when I see a bunch of beautifully restored antiques, I just HAVE to stop!

I snapped some pictures of their pristine rides just as they were leaving. Here they are for all to enjoy!

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