Every year, car audio enthusiasts gather at the Daytona Beach Ocean Center for the annual Spring Break Nationals.  In addition to the thousands of dollars of free car audio giveaways, the event was a combination car, truck, and bike show, nighttime neon competition, and a tuner jam. Stereophiles competed in multiple categories including IASCA, MECA, and Bass Boxing, with some of the loudest vehicles in the country rattling windows and impressing fans. Adding even more to the excitement were the  spectator favorites like the Papa John’s Pizza Eating competition and the world-famous Spring Break Nationals Bikini Contest.

         Hosted by Paul Papadeaus, President of the Spring Break Nationals Expo Group, the annual SBN is now in its 29th year and raises the bar for stereophiles. While some competitors won for sheer volume, others took home trophies for elegance and innovative design.  It was clear that the spectators enjoyed both. New this year, DOW Electronics hosted a 12-volt, battery-powered, toy truck build-off competition that had six regional car audio retailers competing for top honors, a trophy, and a $500 parts credit. Kimballs Mobile Electronics captured the First Place Participant vote.  If you’d like to see a huge collection of stereo-oriented cars and trucks on display in sunny Daytona Beach, put this March event on your calendar and check out the website for details on 2016.

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