The 2014 Annual Mustang and Ford Roundup at Silver Springs

The first big show of the Florida season always attracts an enthusiastic crowd to one of Florida’s premier locations, the beautiful Silver Springs State Park in Ocala, Florida. Mustangs and Ford-powered vehicles get together in early January to enjoy each other’s company and the attractions of the park. This year, there were a few changes since the state of Florida took over operational control of the park. The animals were gone and you needed tickets for the famous glass bottom boats that previously were included in the admission price. While some prices went up, others went down.


The National Parts Depot has been sponsoring the event for the last 19 years and wanted to encourage their loyal customers to pull some of their older cars out of storage and drive them to the event. Since the lion’s share of their business is 1993 vehicles and older, the NPD staff waved those owners through the gate with no charge. Vehicles that were 1994 and newer still only had to pay a modest $10 entry fee with 100% of the money going directly to Silver Springs State Park, a National Treasure. Once inside, everyone enjoyed the beautiful grounds and, contrary to the weatherman’s dire predictions, the Saturday thunderstorms did not materialize until late in the evening. Numbers were down somewhat as a result but Sunday was beautiful and many folks arrived to enjoy the second half of the show. Just as many folks took advantage of NPD’s pre event cruise on Friday morning that began with a tour of their extensive private car and truck collection in Ocala, followed by a 90 minute drive through Ocala’s famous horse country to Cedar Key for lunch. If you’d like to be part of this extended weekend of fun with Fords, add the ‘Roundup’ to your January schedule. For more info, go to for all the details.

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