“When you have a collection of cars and trucks like this, why not have a party?”

(Randy Dye, Owner, Daytona Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, and Ram trucks)

Text and Photos by Joe Greeves

    Daytona Dodge is Daytona’s one-stop shopping center for new, used, and customized cars and trucks. Located in the Daytona International Auto Mall just off Interstate 95 in Daytona Beach, the dealership staged their second annual get-together, inviting new folks to the party as well as former clients who had purchased cars in the past and were eager to see some of the latest Mopar releases. And there were lots of high-performance vehicles on display. Amazingly, the 2014 Anniversary Charger, rated at a very healthy 410 rear wheel horsepower, was on the low end of the performance scale! At the opposite end of the spectrum, there was Mopar’s new, pavement buckling, 707hp Hellcat, one of the fastest production cars on the planet. When they fired it up in the service bay, you had no difficulty believing that the bone stock supercharged car, running on street tires can go from zero to 60 in 3.7 seconds (2.9 seconds on drag radials!) with a top speed hovering around 200 mph! If retina-flattening performance was not critical to your enjoyment, maybe you would like some legendary Italian craftsmanship to be part of your next high-performance ride? The dealership began carrying the Maserati line in December. If off-road vehicles were your choice, you could inspect their all-wheel-drive Rubicon or the lifted 2015 RAM 2500, complete with a Cummins diesel, custom paint, and Mopar blue accents throughout. In addition to selling a wide selection of new vehicles, the dealership has a customizing capability capable of building your ultimate creation.  “If you can dream it,” Randy Dye told us, “we can build it. Whether it’s high horsepower, custom looks, lowering cars or raising trucks, we can accomplish it right here.”

    In addition to the unique selection of vehicles on display, the event featured live music from Those Guys, along with wine, beer, soft drinks, and a huge table full of food and desserts. Partygoers also enjoyed the trivia questions and earned some significant prizes if you had the right answers. If you’ve been thinking about personalizing your ride and would like to learn how the Daytona Dodge Garage team could speed the process, give them a call at 386-274-0571.


Located in the Daytona International Auto Mall just off Interstate 95 in Daytona Beach, the facility is a one stop shopping opportunity, whether you are looking for a new car or planning to customize your current ride. 01.

The showroom had a great collection of both new and classic Mopar vehicles. 02, 03.

The first generation Dodge Charger had a unique ‘rampback’ design along with four bucket seats. 04.

The 1958 Swept Wing Dodge had stylish fins almost half the length of the car. 05.

Wine, beer, and soft drinks kept everyone properly hydrated and in a party mood. 06.

The immaculate service bay housed a beautiful collection of new and custom vehicles. 07.

The 2104 100th Anniversary R/T Charger from Richard Petty produces 410 rear wheel horsepower, thanks to Petty’s “Old School Package” of high-performance additions. 08.

The winningest NASCAR shop, Petty’s Garage, took their 60-plus years of experience to create this SRT8 Challenger, cranking out 530 rear wheel horsepower. 09.

This Petty Blue #43 was originally a black Challenger with a black cloth interior that was modified to the customer’s specifications. The paint scheme is reminiscent of what Petty drove back in the 70s. 10, 11.

As an example of what they can do, the Dodge team created a convertible that Chrysler never produced.  The 2013 Plum Crazy and 2010 Furious Fuschia Challenger R/T’s on display started out as coupes but now look like classic 1970s convertibles.  12, 13.

One of the newest additions was the Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat, producing a staggering 707 hp and a top speed of around 200 miles an hour.  14.

The American Expedition Vehicle, Rubicon offers serious off-road capability with distinctive styling. 15.

The Sublime Green Pearl SRT 392 boasts a 6.4 L hemi and eight-speed automatic. Take it home for just under $50,000. 16.

This luxurious 2015 Maserati Gran Cabrio 100 was equipped with a 454 hp, 4.7 L V-8, automatic transmission, leather interior, and more. Write a check for  $191,409 and it's yours. 17, 18.

Finished at 2 P.M. the day of the show, this lifted 2015 Ram 2500 boasts a Cummins diesel under the hood and Mopar blue accents throughout. 19.

There were even some classics in the parking lot, like this beautifully restored General Lee. 20, 21.

Those Guys, a classic rock band from St. Augustine, Florida entertained the crowd throughout the evening. 22.

• Hot hors d’oeuvres and scrumptious cannolis were a wonderful surprise.  Nobody went home hungry!  23, 24.


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